Thursday, January 15, 2009

new year, back at it again.

I returned to the Game Preserve North after the Christmas gaming hiatus there, to see who had come back after Isen let us know it was game on again.

I should come up with callsigns for everyone. I will work on that.

I walked into the store to Graz and a new guy playing a game. Graz had his Chaos boys out (I think he had Thousand sons today), and the new guy was playing SISTERS!?! so I cheered the girls on. I didn't look too close, but he was using Hflamer/melta/combi flamers in squads. I think he had 4squads in rhinos, and 2squads of Seraphim w/flamers and braziers.... interesting. I know Graz won, but had accidentally put a Demon Prince in a rhino, which iritated the new guy to no end.

I'm not used to seeing other versions of my own army on the table, so when people do things differently, I'm not sure what to think.

I walked back to the back to find Gore's talarns playing a new-ish guy with Tau. The new guy had taken a few years off playing, and was getting back into it again. Even though they were on the table next to me, I don't recall who won. I think Gore. He was trying out his tourney list for this weekend, so I was trying not to look too closely at it, as I'm not sure what I'll play.

Isen and I squared off. He wrote up a 1000 pt list, and I pulled out the 1000pt GK list I've got. I haven't played the boys in Grey a lot.
Isen pulled up a Serpent with dual lances with Warseer, Exarch, and Avengers (yikes!), a 5-man pathfinder squad, Hawks, and a Falcon with 5banshees and an exarch. interesting.
I had a Brother Captain, 7vanilla GK's with Justicar w/targeter, 4GK's w/2 psycannon and justicar. Inq. lord w/psycannon, 2 mystics, plas cannon servitor, shelia the Callidus, and the big, Land Raider Crusader for the boys to ride in.

it was a pitched battle, 3 loot counters game. Isen got to choose sides, and go first. I had a building in my right hand deployment zone, and a hill on my left side. There was a giant power Generator (Warmachine terrain) in the center, and a hill on Isen's side on the left, and trees on the right side, across from my building.

Isen set his pathfinders up in the trees, and his tanks with cargo up behind the power station, in front of his hill.
I put the Inq. Lord on top of the 2story building, and the mini-purgation squad inside the building looking out. The BC and vanilla squad were behind the LRC, which was behind my building, to the right. I sieze no initiative.

Turn 1.
Isen moves, and shoots his pathfinders into the Inq. felling a support mystic, who concentrated too hard. His falcon and serpent move 18", If I remember correctly. not far enough to do a lot though.
my guys jumped into the LRC, and zoomed 12" forward, towards the pathfinders, waiting for someone to get out of their transport. hurricane Bolters fired at the pathfinders, and 1 drops, multimelta ineffectively towards a falcon. the psycannons don't do much to the falcon, and the inq. lord prevents the falcon from shooting.

Turn 2.
Isen's hawks come in, but miss with grenades. they land wide of the inq. but their shooting lights up the Inq. squad dropping all but the Inq. and the plas cannon. the falcon and serpent shuffle, waiting for an opening, with shots pinging off the LRC.
Shelia is apparently not done watching her TV show, and stays home. the mini purg. squad lights up the swooping hawks, and so does the inq. Lord. the Plas cannon hits, but the hawks get some cover from a power pylon. Swooping hawks freak out from all the shooting, and run.
the BC, and GK's get out of thier ride, in front of the pathfinders. a hurricane sponson killed off a pathfinder, and Stormbolters from the GK's kill off another, leaving 2 to assult. The multimelta on the LRC, stuns the falcon, making it not move or shoot. The charge from the BC and GK's kills off the pathfinders, and backs away from the banshees in their falcon.

Turn 3.
banshees stay put, the last 2 hawks run away. The farseer guides the Avengers, and the wave serpent moves up for a kill on the mini-purgation squad. The Avengers gun down the 2 GK's with stormbolters in a hail of shuriken fire, with the Justicar and psycannon brothers shrugging of the hail of finely crafted projectiles.
The Inq. Lord and plas cannon fire into the avengers now located behind their building, with the plas cannon taking a round to cool off from overheat. the purgation remnants move towards their new target, to deny any charge, and kill off a few avengers. The GK's charge the avengers, and force a push in CC.
the LRC moves closer to the stunned falcon, and hits with the multi-melta, destroying it. Then peppers the banshees with huricane fire. The GK's move towards the banshees, and unload stormbolters. The banshees make a lot of saves, and only loose 1 to the fire, with the GK's just not quite able to muster the charge on them. The banshees make a run for it.

The banshees regroup, and the fight with the GK's drags on. the Inq. Lord joins in, the GK's lose combat by 1, and make their fearless armor save.
The LRC polishes off the banshees. Shelia shows up at the Farseer's side, and stabs an avenger down. combat goes to a push, and we call the game. the GK squad in the center sitting on 2 objectives.

Banshees had me worried. I think Isen put together the list with the units he likes best, not necessarily with the best synergy in mind. Fire Dragons out of the falcon would have been scary for me.


  1. In turn three how did the bolters target the banshee's? Were not they in the falcon?

  2. I moved, then used PotMS to hit the falcon. Then the Hurricanes get to fire no matter what, so I shot at the next target.

    I suppose the target probably SHOULD have been there at the start of the LRC's shooting, but the PotMS, lets you do some crazy stuff.

    I remember the Banshees saved all the shots from the hurricanes. the one they missed was from the GK's.

  3. As I understand it the cheaty PotMS allows you to target a different unit with one weapon, however the catch is that all shots for the vehicle are declared and rolled for at the same time. Thus the banshees would not have been there to target until after all of the crusader's weapons had been resolved. It looks like nothing came of it but something to keep in mind.

    On a side note I find it interesting that the Inquisition gets the good PotMS but not the good assault cannons, care to explain that one?

  4. I dunno. the grood PotMS showed up in our 5th ed FAQ's. The Boys in Blue whined and bitched up a storm about how it was so unfair... then they got a whole new codex of so many named character goodies, I thought about picking up 2 tac squads, Vulcan, and a couple drop pods.

  5. Then you would be a dirty Smurf player I would have to stop talking to you!


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