Friday, March 27, 2009

Newest Recruit

The Farmpunk family's increased by one. on 3/21 we welcomed Brenna Rose. Soon we will get her and big sister some plastic and metal dollies to start painting and gaming with. In the Meantime, Farmpunk is pining for a return to games, snuggling babies, and closing on the sale of their old house.

I'll get back to 40K soon. I've got a new Exorcist to build and paint.


  1. Grats! You have a beautiful family! I have two young daughters (and a son) with whom I paint, and it makes for great family time.

    Are you going for the "all girl family, all girl army" theme or something? ;-)

  2. heh. well, having all girls in the family just happened.

    Having Nuns with Guns on the table... yeah, that was by choice.

    But the 16mo. old sure likes to play with my Steel Legion Guardsmen. When she finds one, she picks it up and says "coo, da da." (cool, dad) for the toddler speak impaired..
    I've got to teach her to say "pew pew" when she pick them up.

  3. Congratulations again on the new member to your family.
    'Lil bear is getting really big, it has been too long since we have seen her.

  4. congratulations! thanks for playing... wait... um... yeah well done on the latest add-on to the famiily :)


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