Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's in your travel box?

Not everyone has people down to their custom playing table, with laser measuring devices, and every codex ever printed available by voice activated computer system.

I have to travel to play, as most people do. I pack up my gear to head off the the FLGS for joking with the guys, and having a good game (hopefully). While some of us lament that we cannot play in a pub, we are glad to have space to play.

When I gear up, there is a set of Gear it's good to have along. Of course, this all seems elementary to experienced gamers. you'd be suprised how many people don't have gear to play the game (I forget important things sometimes, like flamer templates, or dice) so a quick rundown of things I try to bring...

-Armylists, preferably from Armybuilder, but spreadsheets work fine. I usually try to bring 1500pt and 1000pt versions of the armies I bring. That way, if someone doesn't have 1500pts of a force, or we don't have a lot of time, we can play a 1000pt game on a 4x4 table.

-Rulebook 40K's a game, with rules. I can't possibly remember them all, and need to refer to the Big Red Book during my games.

-Codex I bring the codex for the fores I hope to use that night. For me, I'm usually toting my WH, DH, and IG codexes. Again, reference materials make conflict resolution much easier. It's a hassle to have to ask around if anyone happens to have the codex you're using, so you can borrow it.

-Templates If you use a force that employs templates, it's good to have them. I've used forces without templates, in 4th ed. In 5th ed, I never leave home without them. I typically use the small blast and flamer in each game.

-Dice I like Chessex dice blocks. I've got some nice Brass and black swirled dice I like using. I've also got some small 8mm dice I use, much to the frustration of Chambers. I figured they were small, and unmistakable as being my dice, since most people use 12mm or larger. I have a few 2mm dice, I use for marking wounds on multi-wound models.

-Tape Measure I have a cheap $3 Stanley 10ft leverlock tape measure I use. It's a measuring tool, and it's neon green.

-Laser Level I use a Laser level. More specifically, a fairly inexpensive Black and Decker Model # BDL210S sight-line Multi-funtion laser level. It shoots a low-watt laser line out of it, with a small beam in the center of the line. It's meant to help you hang pictures, but I think it works nicely for determining Line of Sight. Plus, it's kind of a gamer power tool.

-CyanoAcrylate glue or Super Glue. From my job experience as a Tech Service Engineer, I learned to love LocTite Brand glues. They make good stuff. A nice variety of glues and adhasives for a variety of uses. My preference for quick fixes is Loctite UltraGel, but they make a very nice slower cure glue as well.

I also carry spare models, objective markers, and some 1" washers in my kit. I like having some models weighted on bottom, and find 1" washers work nicely on the GW round bases. Pens and pencils are nice to have, and I know some guys who carry calculators with them.
I wish I had a nice tackle box like the one at the top, I actually carry my models around in a plastic tub, with foam. I constantly need to get more foam for my dollies, to preserve their paint jobs. That's a hard call to make though... foam, or more models.

Tackle box photo is from:SueSpray
Army Builder courtesy of:


  1. Sweet!

    I love the Black & Decker robot, and as for transport, did you see how my boys would get from A to B if I ever travelled for a game? (Post 098)

    Is army builder good? Is it simple? I'm thinking of investing in it with the new codex, but I was disappointed with the GW-branded software from a few years ago ('Armies of the Imperium' maybe?).

    - Drax.

  2. I saw them. I'm jealous. My old rubber tub just can't hold a candle to the foam and metal majesty of your cases.

    I love Armybuilder. I got ahold of a legacy copy of the 2nd ed software, and have been saving my milk money so I can buy the newest version. It's a lazy man's calculator, with all the layout options your force can have, and it has Forgeworld and Imperial Armor options.

    I've seen some Excel Spreadsheet modifications that looked pretty good too.

    I think I tried a demo of the GW program, and the ArmyBuilder was better. Plus, ArmyBuilder lets you do many game systems. (like Necromunda, BattleFleet Gothic, Epic 40K...)

  3. Thanks, Farmpunk: that's encouraging!


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