Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yellow is a good color...

So after calling out the gopher I had a game, JibJeb was geared and ready to go...
but in the end he decided it was better to stay married than to play me. Not going to fault him on that one. Good news was that Dustin stepped up and took me on one on one. For those who don't know Dustin is the guy that I got into the hobby with, and the reason that I didn't win a game for my first eight months. eventually as everything does, the tables were turned and Dustin couldn't catch a break against me for a very long time.

That was until this game, I have not been beaten so hard or so soundly since I first decided that it might be a good idea to get DE warriors into a fist fight w/ space wolves. My list was 1500 points of terminator love (DA Codex) while Dustin had taken a shooty Space Wolf list. Rather than relive the experience, at the end of turn five Dustin had tabled me while I had manages to kill of a grand total of 11 gray hunters and immobilize one dreadnought.

In fact the game was bad enough that I felt obligated to check Mort for bruises when I got home. If I learned one thing this last weekend, that is I need to paint my new Smurfs Yellow and add a bleeding heart to their shoulders.

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