Friday, April 3, 2009

DA at 1250

Here is the newest army that I am running. I am attempting to run an all footslogging DA list to see if I can't compete with out my typical speed crutch.

Bellial (PW/SB)

Terminator squad (5 man, AC & 4 SB/ 1pw & 4PF)
Tac 1 (10 man, lascannon, melta gun, PW)
Tac 2 (10 man, lascannon, melta gun, PW)
Tac 3 (10 man, plasma cannon, plasma gun, plasma pistol)

Dev (10 man, 4 ML)

-1250points on the nose
At 1500 I have been adding a second Terminator squad identical to the one above except that I throw on a chain fist for on other reason than it takes me to 1500 exactly.

Lessons learned so far:
1. Your army is much more susceptible to bad die rolls when they can't redeploy and try again.
2. I need to start moving towards the further objectives earlier than turn four, two turns of hoofing it, even with run, is just not enough ground covered.
3. Combat squads are awesome.
4. The amount of accurate fire power that marines can put out is sick.
5. ML are an amazing weapons that seemed to be over looked and undervalued, not sure why.

Whats next:
nothing, I am going to try to keep this list as is for at least a couple of more games. I would like to get a firm grasp on the army before trying new units.
Having said that I am already sorely tempted to trade out the second terminator squad for a second unit of devastators.


  1. I have run all foot slogging marines but that was back when I could set up half of them as inflitrating.

    What are the tactics you are using for the different game types and deployments. Seems like Dawn of War would put you back in a bad way.

  2. I like it, but then again, I like seeing gunline lists.

    I'd be tempted to actually drop the termies altogether for a second Dev squad. even in this 1250 list.

    I suppose it does help a lot to have SOME kind of counter-charge unit. Do you have some TH/SS termies?

    sticking with this for a few more games is a good idea though, then change it slightly for a few games.

  3. Erichrome -
    Dawn of war is bad for me, what I have done so far is to start with 2 full squads on the board. These two squads act as my picket line, hopefully slowing down any fast squads until all of the rest of my guns come on line on turn two.

    One of the terminator squads with Bellial come in via deep strike first turn, hopefully not scattering too far north of my lines. Every one else comes on the board first turn typically combat squaded and running for good firing positions.

    I also try to take second turn when ever possible with Dawn of War, to maximize my shooting. Even if the OP4 rushes me in turn one, it just makes my first turn shooting all the more certain.

    while dropping the terminators in favor of Devastators would give me more firepower, I would loose the versatility of the termies. I often use them to plug holes in my lines and to focus fire on wherever the line is being pressed the hardest. They are also my only source of powerfists in the army, which is not something to be discounted.

    Also considering my force composition there is no better unit for taking the mid field objectives than the terminators.

    I don't think that I would shift out my storm bolter/ power fists for thunder hammer/ storm shields even if I did have them. I find the storm bolter fire too useful, at most I might consider trading out one sb/pf for a pair of tllc just to give me a little more close combat love with out hurting my shooting too much.

  4. You're right. looking over it again, I don't think I'd swap Termies for Devs. I'm sure the Termies serve a bit as a firemagnet, to draw fire away from other things. plus, as you said, They do drop onto mid-field objectives rather well, don't they?

    I was only meaning swap out a few SB's for TH/SS. the 3++ save it grants is nice. It can help keep some guys alive from nasty plasma spam.

  5. Alas I only get 4++ in close combat, but there is plenty of 4+ cover saves nowadays. So I just keep my happy butt in cover and annoy my OP4 until they try to do something about it, then I charge into melee fists swinging.


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