Monday, April 27, 2009

New Day rising

With the impending New IG codex around the corner, I got to thinking about what was going to happen to one of my favorite lists under the old codex combination...

WitchHunters with Inducted Imperial Guard.

I posted the old list here:
WH Armored Company w/inducted IG

And I talked theory about light Armor here:
So many targets, so few guns

so with the new codex, I know I can't really do what I used to do.

So what will an inducted list look like now?
Not AS many light vehicles. Since the Armored Fist squad went away, I can't use them anymore. HOWEVER... Platoons are CHEAP now. For about what I was spending on my Armored fist squad (166pts)
I can now get 2 squads, with 2 Missile Launchers, and a command squad with a mortar or Heavy Bolter for the same price I used to get the Armored fist for.

not a bad trade, I think.

then I can still pick up a Leman Russ Battle Tank with Hbolter Sponsons for 170Pts

that's not a bad expendature for 500pts, I think. If I was feeling a bit chipper, I could even drop the sponsons, and get Lascannons, or Grenade Launchers.

Actually, now That I look at it, I will probably use the extra points from dropping sponsons to get smokes for the rhinos, and extra armor for the Russ. Then Maybe a Lascannon or two.

I will definately be sitting down with the new, shiny codex when it's official, and drawing up variations on lists. I'm eager to try out Induction, actually. Then as I look at the codex longer, I'll work up all Infantry variations of the IG lists.

Mmm... Repentia or Arco-flagellants outflanking....


  1. Couldn't you just purchase chimeras for the infantry? I know it would be adding on expense, but it would allow you to mimic the armored fist feel while still using cheaper troops.

  2. I can. I had originally wanted to get a Russ in a WH list.

    That's still part of the idea. It IS tempting to scrap the Russ idea and take a few Chimera with Heavy Weapon Teams inside them for taking things down. It feels a little ghetto.

    I also like the idea of using a Heavy Support Immolator with Hbolter turret and Blessed ammo to hold a Platoon Command Squad with Missile Launcher and Grenade launcher.


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