Monday, March 1, 2010

So Typical...

by SandWyrm

Why... so... Lame?

So DeffRollas are now the DEATH OF MECH! Yeah, whatever.

Like Nob Bikers and IG Air Cav alpha-strikes, it'll take about 3-5 months for the Deff-Rolla spam lists to come and go. Afterwards Mech will still be king, because we'll all still be playing 5th Edition 40K.

But of course we've been here before. Why face reality when you can wish it away?


  1. I agree that no single codex (or FAQ) will be the death of mech--especially not a single ruling for a partiucular unit, I do have hope that mech will see a decline before 6th edition. That hope really hinges on something other than a new codex (though several anti-mech books could spell it's demise).

    If it were to die, it would take something like the battle missions book to do it. You're right, mech is just solid as things are, and it's not likely to go away; however, if the missions were designed to favor infantry, that could change things. Some examples could be:

    - Sentry based missions where vehicles aren't allowed to deploy.
    - Objective based missions where additional points were given for killing transports/vehicles.
    - More "kill point" missions.

    One way to change the meta game without directly nerfing vehicles is to change the objectives. Whether or not GW has done that with the new book though, I've no idea...

  2. Mech infantry won't be on it's way out. Mech Infantry was do-able in 4th ed, and got better in 5th ed.

    It will take an edition change to shake up the dominance of tanks and transports, or it will take all Necron and Tau weapons being able to penetrate for Mech to wane.

    but I don't see either of those really happening to large enough extents to cause Mechanization to go by the wayside.

    I mean, Mech helps GW sell models, doesn't it?

  3. One of the funny thing I like about the comments are the people who pointed out this fact:

    How can DeffRollas, which require Mech Ork, be the death of Mech?

    The Mech is dead! Long live the Mech!

  4. DeadlyGrim has it. :)

    I don't know why you'd want to nerf mech anyhow. Movement makes the game fun.

  5. Sorry: I've been in a cave this week. What's the new change with deff rollers please?

  6. DeffRollas used to be able to inflict D6 Strength 10 hits on any squad that the Battlewagon tank-shocked. Some people said that a DeffRolla should also work on vehicles that are rammed by the Battlewagon. Others said no. It led to some confusion and knashing of teeth at last year's Ard Boyz, for instance. Where each store had their own ruling.

    Well, in the recent update (2 Days Ago?) to the Ork Codex FAQ, GW ruled that DeffRollas DO work on vehicles when the Battlewagon rams them. So suddenly Orks officially have a fairly effective way to kill AV14 and overrun Chimeras or Rhinos with a Ram + Assault out of the battlewagon.

  7. lol BOLS post some funny articles sometimes. Makes me laugh when said about rollas taking the fun out the game - WTF!?

  8. BOLS did in fact make me facepalm with this one. I believe my response there was something about how a single upgrade to a single unit in a single army was, in fact, totally going to devastate the entire concept of troop transports and tanks. Much like how certain units come equipped with grenades stock has totally undermined the use of cover - why even bother to set up a board at all?

    There are armies that are really built to be better jumping out of transports (as a rule); Sister-heavy WH, Dark Eldar... there are those that are perfectly happy footslogging; Orks, Nids (hey, we have Drop Pods now, so I actually do have another option!)... and most others are viable going either way.

    Sure, I see more Mech Guard than not, but I'm not going to laugh at the guy who brings 2 full infantry platoons instead (combining or separating as needed for the mission, no less).

    Rhinos are great, but a 3+ backed by a 4+ from cover is nothing to laugh at either. Nothing wrong with a mix of guys on foot and guys in armor. Even my DE have a squad or two on foot. Some sorry sod has to carry around the heavy weapons...


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