Friday, May 14, 2010

May Warpstone Flux Army List Challenge: Kill team edition

by: farmpunk

It's that time of the month again, time for the May Warpstone Flux ArmyList Challenge. SandWyrm and I have done pretty well this year, and this time, it's Kill Teams. Like in the Battle Missions book.

I went with a Movie-marine type of concept, since it was pointed out to me that each individual is it's own unit in the new version of Kill Team.
I had started off with a Celestian squad in an Immolator.
 1Multi-melta w/relentless, frags
1meltagun w/tank hunter, frags
2Bolters, frags
1Vet Superior w/bolt pistol, Eviscerator, Feel No Pain, Book of St. Lucius
Immolator w/twin-linked Hflamers

Immo gets us where we need to get, Relentless allows the Multi-Melta to always fire, FNP on the Superior makes her a CC meanie.
with relentless, I can move 12" in the immo, disembark 2", and fire 24" with the MM.
all Celestian hit on a 3+ in CC, so I should be able to tear stuff up.
finally, The Book of St. Lucius is to keep 'em at Ld9 all game.

Folkert was kind enough to remind me that only 1 unit can ride in a transport, and I had 5 models (units) to try and ride in the Immo. I scratched that idea.

I went to plan #2: GKT's aka Movie Marines
Grey Knight Terminators
1Grey Knight Terminator w/Nemesis Force Weapon, Storm Bolter, Fleet of Foot
1Grey Knight Terminator w/Nemesis Force Weapon, Incinerator, Infiltrate
1Grey Knight Brother Captain w/Nemesis Force Weapon, Psycannon, Feel No Pain

small force, since these guys are pricey. It's a minimum squad, and taking a wound is bad for these guys, but at Ld10 Fearless they should be ok. Heading into cover will make them tough to get out. Since they're all in Terminator armor, they're all relentless, with Power weapons, have the option to Deepstrike, and have the Shrouding to help conceal them at long range (about 30") Their drawback is no Frag grenades for charging into cover.

The infiltrator will set up to burninate/charge if possible (AP2 is highest priority, followed by power weapons), with the Fleet Termie advancing quickly. The FNP Psycannon should be able to give any long range shooters fits, and maybe take down some light armor.

S6 Power weapons kill stuff dead.
So head on over, take a look, and VOTE!


  1. actually, 5 Sanguinary Guard might have been meaner. just drop them into the landing zone, and you're done. and it's right at 200pts.

    or even make a 200pt Librarian Furioso Dread. rawr.
    Furioso Librarian Dreadnought 175pts,
    Magna Grapple 15pts,
    Swap storm Bolter for Hflamer 10pts
    Swap Blood fist for Frag cannon
    then for Psychic powers:
    Wings of Sanguinus, Fear of the Dark

    give it the USR Infiltrate

  2. Actually that was my list, I thought it closed at 1pm, I got home from work at 4am and went to post.. instead ended up voting. haha

    Furioso Librarian Dreadnought
    Wings of Sanguinus, Shield of Sanguinus
    Extra armor
    Heavy flamer
    exactly 200
    Give him stealth special rule.
    First turn fly, pop smoke and enjoy 3+ cover with AV13. After that, just kill one guy and then fly to the opposite side and win. And he has a 4+ cover save pretty much every turn of the game.

  3. Nice list Gravemind! It could have been a very tough cookie to crack in the context of the scenario!


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