Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tournament results - aka "You got rolled by a kid?!"

 by: Wienas

The tournament yesterday was a lot of fun.  Games 2 Die 4 is a really cool store with a focus on Flames of War and Warhammer Fantasy.  What impressed me the most was their selection of paints and supplies.  They carry an extensive selection of paints from Vallejo (Game Color, Model Color, AND Model Air), GW,  P3, and Army Painter.

As far as the tournament went, there were 15 players of which I finished 4th overall.  Farmpunk came in 3rd just above me.  The top 2 spots went to regular players from the local club.

My best moment was my embarrassing loss in game 1 to a  Daemon player.  He's around 13,  plays very well, and utterly destroyed my army.  What makes this funnier is that he forgot to bring on a unit of Fiends, who ended up staying in reserve the entire game.  I'll post some battle reports soon.


  1. I'm looking forward to reading the battle reports - you guys do a great job of it on this site.

    It actually doesn't strike me as unusual that you took a defeat from Daemons, though certainly your opponent's age is surprising! I play a Daemon's army composed of Tzeentch Heralds and Princes, Slanneshi Fiends, and Nurgle 'bearers, and other than our resident Wolves player, I'm the only one who can regularly defeat our top Mech Guard player.

    He attributes it to having an army designed to kill Mech Meq, so feels vulnerable against an army with Eternal Warrior and Invulnerable Saves. It'll be interesting to see if that theory holds water in your game.

    Congrats on a great finish - it's not always possible to hit the top spot!


  2. At Least you only had to fight 1 Fateweaver army.

    My first TWO games were fatewaever builds. Game 1 Was a Fateweaver/Khorne build, Game 2 was against the same kid you played your first game against.

    Fateweaver was priority #1 for shooting when he came in. I dropped him both games. The other daemons are a lot easier without Fateweaver. He's that build's lynchpin.

  3. Great thanks to Farmpunk, Wienas, and the other two who I don't know their blog names for coming to our event. This was one of the funnest events I have had not having to worry about rules and answering questions. I look forward to continuing to bring our gaming communities together.

    This event was littered with Space Marines being fielded in 7 armies, 3 guard, 1 sisters of battle, 2 ork, 1 dark eldar, and 3 daemon. We normally have at 1 tyranid player. The game store has a large amount of 40K on most Saturdays and a smaller amount of players on Sunday. We do have room for 10 tables and average 4 to 5 games at one time on Saturdays.

    I am still itching to get a hold of farmpunk on a battle board someday soon. :)

    I hate orks!!! :)

    Thanks again!

  4. The kid is the son of the guy that won the tournament, and was using dad's Daemon army that he played in last year's finals (those Daemons are soooo last summer).

    I didn't get a chance to talk to Farmpunk after the event, but Caanaan (Black Templars), jRock (Albino Orks), and myself all had a great time. We look forward to the next event.

  5. Sounds like fun, grats on placing well.

    Daemons are an iffy army. When they do well they do really well, but it's all very reliant on luck.

  6. Nice work; congrats on placing well!

  7. Bummer on daemons kicking your ass. But well done for coming 4th, not bad :)


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