Thursday, January 27, 2011

New 40k Tourney in Kokomo

by Uberdark

This chick could be here!!! Not really, but hey! 

Well I have been talking with my buddies at Gamer DMZ and they have agreed to host a huge and i mean HUGE tourney in Kokomo.  I am organizing it, and there will be/should be a butt load of prize support.
What we have so far is a 1750 pt tourney.  Best army, best single miniature award, and a first, second and third place win accordingly.  WYSIWYG

This will have at the LEAST 32 players.  Up to 40 at the most.  What we are considering is either W/L, points system, or a hybrid.  Thats what we need you for.  Thats right kiddies.  You get to put forth what you want, I will be working on a 3 game tourney w/ a 4th game tie breaker if needed.  The tourney will be in march and most likely on a saturday.  And since I'm organizing it, you wont be able to play me sadly.  lol.  so without further ado, thoughts, meanderings, sundries and more thoughts.


  1. If the painting is separate...I like the W/L/D.
    Pts are ok, but for larger groups you tend to have a wider spread unless you pair up by opponents record as well.

    Hybrid - What do you mean by this?

    Where is Kokomo?

  2. kokomo is 40 minutes north of indy. hybrid, possibly like the tourney happening at gp north on the 19th.

  3. Great! I believe once you get the information out exactly what the format is you will have a lot of interest. Just an FYI, you will have to have at least a 5 game tourney to determine an overall winner unless you just do top 2 or 3 with a 4. With 3 rounds it would be top 5 armies at 40 players.


  4. I would suggest equal recognition for equal records, and if you need to have a #1 player at the end of the day, then do a Nova open 33/33/33 split on games, sports, and painting to pick an overall winner.

  5. I wrote this really huge awesome post, but for some reason when I told it to post, it just deleted it. So therefore, I will try to do it again later.

  6. Only vaguely related note:

    Does anyone have any idea who's running the tournament at the Fashion Mall on the 19th?

    The tournament information packet says we have to email the TO our lists before the tournament, but it doesn't actually say who to send them to.

    It's also got some conflicting information, mission-wise, to what was posted on here a few weeks back. Might be a good idea to get finalized information up here if possible.

  7. i will talk to the tourney guy and let you know dodger.

  8. Any update?
    When would this be planned?

    Should be around 10 from the Dayton/Cincy area willing to come out...

  9. sandman: talkin to gw on tuesday or weds....for prize working out the whole thing, most likely goin to be w/l. four games total. cincy is about 3 1/2 hours to kokomo. lookin to be towards end of march.


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