Sunday, January 23, 2011

Reader Email: Thanks For The Color Theory Help!

by SandWyrm

Hey SandWyrm,

I wanted to say thanks for your articles about colour theory and for
your suggestions with my XV9 crisis suit.  I finally finished it and
here is the end result:

Atreya Basu

SandWyrm's Reply:

You're Welcome! And... Good Job!


  1. Wow that is one unusual looking Tau. Gives me a feeling old and earthy. Like it's been through mud and grime. I expect it to move any second, in some old school film type of way.

    If you, the painter, wanted to invoke a multitude of feelings with your work you have succeeded. Good job!

  2. I'd make the barrel ends metallic or at least blackened their front edge

  3. That's pretty much what I was thinking too. Needs a bit of metal on the barrels.


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