Saturday, March 12, 2011

6th Edition Is Coming?

by SandWyrm

Tasty the Attention-Whore has posted a new rumor over on Blood of Kittens members-only forum. Here it is so that you don't have to register:
”By the end of the next Olympics we will treated to 6th ed Warhammer 40k”
Now that is something that people that follow GW trends have suspected for awhile. So really that is not that earth shattering. What makes 6thed potentially earth shattering is the version of AoBR we will get. For the first time ever neither Xenos, the Warriors of Roboute Guilliman, or the Sledgehammer of the Emperor will be chosen to fill the starter box. 
The next Olympics is in the summer of 2012.

If the rumor is true (and stays true) My best guess is that we get Chaos Marines + Sisters of Battle. Both codices need updating and have yet to appear on the rumor circuit. Both armies would also be  playable at 500 points or so.

Chaos Marines + Eldar would be a stronger combo in my opinion, but that contradicts the rumor.

Regular Marines (Wintergreen, Blueberry, and Cherry) already sell quite well, so there's really no reason to put them in a loss-leading product like a starter set that would dilute their strong sales.

My only real concern is that 18 months isn't long enough (at the current rate) to complete the updates of the 7 codices that are still waiting in the wings. So I presume that the recent FAQs for Dark Angels and Black Templars are meant to hold them over until after the 6th Edition rollout. That leaves 5 codices.
  1. Necrons (Rumored for October/November 2011) 
  2. Tau Empire (Rumored for January/February 2012) 
  3. Eldar 
  4. Chaos Marines
  5. Sisters of Battle
We know that the new 40K Fliers supplement is coming this summer, so that means that 2011 is probably filled out with that release and the Necrons. Tau are rumored for January. So that leaves an April/May slot for either Sisters of Battle or Chaos Marines before the new edition hits. I think it'll probably be the Chaos Marines, with the Sisters being the first true 6th Edition Codex released a few months after the new edition. Like Ultramarines were last time. The Eldar will probably have to wait for the 2nd or third release slot of the new edition.

What do you guys think?


  1. Sixth would have to be radically different to the five so far to get me excited, but Chaos marines and Sisters of Battle clearly work within those limits and are as refreshing a combination as we could expect, even if they still manage to be two power-aroured factions.

  2. My tyranids might be viable soon?!! I only want one change, Models with "Move through cover" rule do not suffer from assaulting through cover.

  3. Heh, if 18 months is considered "soon". :)

  4. I actually would find it absolutely horrible if Chaos got released just prior to sixth edition. If it is going to he that close, I would rather they get released within sixth as opposed to just before, just to be on the safe side.

  5. Soon as in before the next codex. I can handle 18 months over 3 years.

    I've been setting aside some money cause I've considering starting either eldar or tau. Good to hear they may be a later comer, means they should transition well.

  6. sources say orks as well. for a january to march 2013 release.

  7. I have found out today from a reliable source and after seeing the new Grey Knights Codex, that the Sister's of Battle will have their own independant codex, alas I wasn't told when. I will say this the new Grey Knights Codex has the inquisitor lords retinue and all the assasins in it. So come April the Deamon Hunters Codex will become pretty much obsolite, apart from the Sister's of Battle bit. That also means you will not be able to attach normal guard units with the new Codex and can only use Imperial Storm Troopers. Buy the way the new Grey Knights are going to be really hard to kill.

  8. Crumbs - time to start saving for a new GW publication, then...

  9. I think you forgot Orks in your 'to be fixed' list.

  10. They need fixing, but their codex came out right before 5th was released. So I don't see them getting updated until after the 6th Ed release.

    Remember that in the minds of most people, they're not broken. Especially when compared to the problems Eldar and Chaos Marines are having.

  11. I'm hoping for eldar vs. chaos marines myself. Not sure if it'll play out that way though...

  12. Sniff.... sniff sniff... what's that... sniff... the smell of the end of wound allocation?

    Bahaha. I kid.

    Well, no, not really. I think it is going to change, either by going back to something like Torrent of Fire (which was great), or by simply disallowing units with mixed gear.

    ToF would be the better choice, but the latter is likely simpler, which makes it GW (ie, 10-year-old) friendly.

    In any case, that's fine by me. And I too would love to see MTC give a unit a grenade effect. Comon, nids... be an assault army!

  13. Or they'll just say that you have to allocate wounds in order of AP. That wouldn't address how time-consuming the whole process is, but would solve the abuse issue.

  14. foodie: i hope you die....thats the only thing that keeps my orks alive. :P

  15. No chance they could sort out deep striking I suppose? Actually make it useful instead of either dynamic - get shot to pieces or cautious, deploy at your back marker.

    At least allow deep strikers to charge in. At the moment a daemonic assault is more a daemonic dither.

  16. Deep Strike already got a huge boost with the Mishap table (instead of auto-dieing every failure).

    Allocating with AP was another good rule (those shots that ignored armor had to be allocated first, then the rest).

    It's funny how with the current rules, the system is so messed up it's sometimes a better idea to *shoot less* in order to kill more.


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