Thursday, March 10, 2011

Foodie's Dark Eldar vs Spaguatyrine's Space Wolves

by Spaguatyrine

I was certainly surprised by how well the Dark Eldar did...

Foodie did a surprising job against my Space Wolves. I won the roll to go first, so had the advantage with lots of longfangs and living lightning.  He even killed all my Thunderwolves and my Runepriest.  We will get a rematch and let him go first next time.  Great game Foodie. I had fun. Even enjoyed jawing with Rionnay a little.  Of course I had to put my boots on half way thru.. 

Well, this is the last shot of Foodie's Archon who wiped up a unit of Longfangs, a Rune Priest, most of a squad of GH, and two scouts before being crushed by the Wolfguards Powerfist.  Foodie. My Wolfguard took the spirit stone and returned it to Ragnar, who is now coming to hunt you down! 


  1. Was there supposed to be more of the battle report?

  2. Not this time. On the next one. With all the hype from the other post I thought it would be right to put up a small post.

    The game ended with a 2-0 objective victory for Spaguatyrine.

    The Archon was the last model alive for Foodie and died on turn 6.

  3. The trick is on you, DE don't have spirit stones!

    My minions came after you left and picked up some squishy pulp (that used to be some undetermined part of him), ran it back to the base, and had him regenerated.

    And yeah, that's basically what actually happens. Gotta love immortality.

    As to the game... yeah, I lost around turn 3, when I realized my castle deployment was both a bad idea, and had happened on the wrong board edge. I got antsy seeing cover that could actually block my Vehicles from LOS and tried to put *way* too much behind it. I should have put my big anti-tank (ravagers, Void Raven) on the board to do early damage, and brought the rest in from reserves.

    They come in piecemeal, but I can still turbo for the 4+ and be in assault range the next turn.

    I used to use that tactic (full - and I mean *full* reserves) all the time with the last codex. For whatever reason (maybe I felt like I was forced into it, and this book is "better") I haven't used it since the new rules came out.

    I think I would have fared a lot better that way... and I'm definitely going to remember that.

    So yeah, after turn 3, I decided my new objectives were to kill the thunder wolves, and to take the priest's soul. Those, at least, I managed (and I would have charged those scouts if I hadn't rolled a 1 to fleet with the Archon!).

    We'll have to get a proper report up soon. Fun to play against you finally Spag, and a definite learning experience.

  4. I will say that Foodie is one of only 2 players to take out all my Thunderwolves in a game. (Except when I just started playing and that would be only the 3rd). The next battle will be a full battle report! And we sill see if those skinny fast little bastards will run away again or not. 1 unit did get away to tell the story!


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