Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Potential 4x4 tournament. I need feedback

by Spaguatyrine

So with some old competitive blood coming back to the game in the indianapolis area, there have been talks of ranking players, and each tournament is bringing out some truly strong competition.  Someone asked after our last team tournament about running a 4 team tournament. 
Here are my thoughts and questions to you.  We have 4 main game stores in Indianapolis. North, South, East, and West. We also have satelite stores like Lafayette, Kokomo, Mucie/Anderson, Evansville, Bloomington, etc.  What if we were to have a 4 person team tournament to see which game store area had the best 4 person team?  We could max out at probably 7 teams of 4 leaving 28 players. Of course some game stores might have 2 teams, but then we could have a tournament that puts the best of the best in a team format against each other.


West-Games 2 Die 4
North-Game Preserve North
South-Game Preserve South
NorthWest-Lafayette GP

What are your thoughts? I am really digging this idea. I don't want to discuss rules at this time but interest. I would want at least 4 teams from the N,S,E, &W.


  1. I would love to see this kind of challenge go through. I can't speak for the rest of Muncie, but I'm sure I could rustle up a few folks. How many points and any ideas on the team rules?

  2. Sounds like some sort of local-esque Adepticon team format. Lifting their ruleset would make implementation much easier.

  3. It would be much simpler. Something like:

    Max 8 teams, 3 rounds, only 1 unique model or HQ of the same type, special rules don't apply to your teammates, Win/Loss format with no way to tie, no comp scores, missions pre-released, no bonuses for themed armies, etc. Basic, players on players in a team format.

    My thoughts are either 1,000 per team member or 1250 per team member. I am leaning towards 1,000 each and 2:00 of playing time with specific time set in for team tactics.

    I.E. 2 hour games with 10 minutes for pre-planning and tactical discussion.

    $45 per team payin with payout to top 3 teams and possibly best painted and sports team.


  4. So would games be played with teams of 2?

    I think something like this could be a lot of fun... though I'd have to make it on a team first :)

  5. sign up gamer dmz. we will kick you all in the crotch!!!! on a side note though, can i be on the gp north stores side, cause they are much better there. lol

  6. I like the idea if store teams and I know we've talked about in passing before. I think any store that can muster a team of 4 be allowed to enter. I would also suggest to the stores to hold some kind of qualifier to get its team members and possibly alternates if needed. I think that would make this event possible to all the local players and not just the "in groups" at each store. I think this could be a fun annual event and competition between the local stores.

    As far as rankings. I would like to get together with some of the TO's or atleast open a discussion on it. I think even if each event is ranked different we could still do rankings for players across different events. This may mean that we all conform to certain standards of scoring at each event but I think we can manage. Seems like we are building quite the agenda this year with the GT this fall and all but I think we have a great community here in Indy and can get it all done.

  7. I'm in. I love team events.

    We should see some really odd and interesting codex combos and lists that no one would ever play competitively if they had to be ready to take all comers.

  8. instead of stores, i'd suggest gaming groups as a more general classification. there's a lot of player overlap in some cases, and some teams might prefer to represent themselves, especially if they don't make it onto a store's alpha team. as long as a player can only be on a single team, i think that should work just fine.

  9. Ok,

    So if I hear you all correctly, you like the idea but:

    Should stay in gaming groups
    Would max out at 8 teams

    I agree. Thinking over this we would need to at least have representation of all major N,S,E,W areas and outliers before we could have a 2nd team from let's say G2D4. Or we could put up a warning and have a first come first serve signup.

    Games would be 2 on 2 Foodie.

    A few rules would also probably be, each army has it's own force org.

    Thoughts on 1,000 each?

    Keep the comments coming!

  10. I think this sounds like a good idea. With the number of local stores, finding 32 players would be no problem.

    I like the idea of representing the side of town that I'm from/store I play at. It has a very "Sharks vs. Jets" feel to it. On the other hand, allowing players to form their own teams could allow teams to build combos that were more ideal.

    On a personal note, since I don't belong to a gaming club, I likely wouldn't be at this event. I throw my vote in for game groups making their own teams for my own selfish reasons :)

    With only 2 hours to play, 1000 points is plenty. At the last team tournament at G2D4, a lot of games didn't get finished due to people not being used to playing on a table with 4 armies on it. If you are having a 4 person team, you would want to include plenty of time for teams to decide which pair they would assign to each table each round.

  11. Yeah... team games, in my experience, tend to take longer than an equivalent 1v1. I wouldn't want to try to get more than 2k (total) around in only 2 hours. Then again, I usually have trouble with time limits, cause I needs my thinkin' time.

    On the note of where teams come from, if you definitely want the NESW (which I like, simply for the "my store is better than your store" feel), then send out info to each of those stores, and hold a team for each. Let the other 4 slots be on a first come basis. That (or something like it) may come close to making everyone happy.

    Now, if the general "yes we can!" vote is in, time for the hard questions! If you're still trying to work out base details, then feel free to ignore these til later.

    As to teams...

    4 players, 4 independent 1k lists (at least so far).
    At what point do teams (2-man) have to be decided? Before each game? Before the tournament? After mission is revealed?

    All this sort of silliness will determine list building and such. If I'm always going to have a Blood Angels army on my side, then I only need to compliment that build. If I'm liable to switch on and off, then I have to be more general. Etc etc. Yadda yadda. And then some.

  12. I'm all for it. Team Events are always fun. Of course I'd have to win enough to be qualified for a team.
    A qualifier tournament at each store to select the top 4. Check
    1000 pt individual lists. check

  13. The pairs for each round would be chosen before matchups for that round are announced. Each player would have to play with each member of their team. There would be some strategy involved in list building as a blood angels army might not do very well with a Necron army when paired so teams would have to take that into account.

    I don't really care about how each area provides teams. I am really looking at the idea of at least 1 team from each of the 4 area/stores/groups etc. and then the other 4 are up for debate. Because people play at different stores, this can be subjective, so gaming groups as Steve stated or store areas would be fine.

  14. I like the idea of both style of events. I like the idea of an annual store team tournament. I think almost all players have a home store even if they don't always play there. I think the best thing to do is for the stores to hold a kind of playoff to see who makes the team and gets to represent them. Otherwise you are simply holding a team tourney and that is perfectly fine too. But you are talking about 2 different events with different purposes. I think a team tourney allows each play group in the area to show off their stuff while a store based team tourney lets players kind of have store bragging rights. Of course it would all be in good fun. Just my thoughts.

  15. Ok,so before I post the actual rules and stuff, this is a pre-rule set up.

    The 4 game stores/areas/clubs are:

    North: GP North
    South: GP South
    West: G2D4
    East: Saltire/Steve Bradford and Crew

    The other 4 spots will be first come first serve. I will probably post in the next week. Get your teams together and go from there.

  16. hrm, maybe if you have both halves of the team playing simultaneously, you could get away with more than 4 teams.

    I like the 4 team round-robin concept for this one.

  17. Everyone will play all 3 rounds! 4 teams is basically 32 people playing at once or 16 tables. Yes Sir!!!! We are going to have 8 teams. Did I type something wrong?

  18. no. I probably missed that in skimming the wall of text.

  19. Well I just did above. 8 teams is basically 32 people playing at one time!

  20. I take it it's up for individual stores to determine how the team is formed?

    To any of the GP Northerners - Challenge Issued! I shall defend my spot on the team from any who oppose me!

    Bwuahahahahaha, and other such evil laughs.


    Srsly tho, I think a mini-tourny could be a fun way to determine who gets the spot, assuming there are more than 4 who would want to sign up.

  21. Funny! Dyanamic duo, Batman and Robin, Wondertwins activate, Lois and Clark (I bet Luke is Lois), and all that crap! Get ready for the pain!

    Steve, get your team together.

    Strung Muppet, get your team together.

    Farmpunk, get your team together.

    G2D4's team is set! :)

    Other's that want to get a team together, get ready. The post will go up by the middle of the week. First come first serve on the blog posting for the remainig 4 teams.

    On a side note, looking at possibly end of May or early June. Team leaders, any issues with any dates?


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