Friday, March 11, 2011

What about the girls?

by: farmpunk

With the new Grey Knight black box hitting stores, and the interesting additions (like Ordo Hereticus and Ordo Xenos inquisitors, Arco-flagellents)

What's going to happen to the good 'ol WitchHunters codex?

Here's what I think:

I think that when the GK codex hits stores, a new Sisters of Battle PDF codex will hit the GW site. All allies rules will be gone.

GW might also be lazy and not do anything other than FAQ away allies and possibly induction.

They MIGHT release a new PDF that has pages for inducted IG cut and pasted from the IG codex in it. I think that might be to challenging for them to handle.

they MIGHT release a new PDF without all of the new units that are included in the GK codex.... like crusaders, Arco-flagellents, Asassins, and inquisitors. Leaving only pure Sisters (and maybe IST's) in their wake. (this will make me very sad) all at current point costs.

If rumors are correct, and there is a test codex out there, MAYBE (and we're talking meaningful random mutation probabilities here) GW will actually UPDATE some units, and update unit costs for a temporary PDF codex a la Blood Angels.
I think Unicorns might shoot out of my hindquarters before this will really happen.

Right now I think I'd put my money mostly on two things:

1. GW FAQ's out allies. possibly also induction.
2. GW releases a stripped down Sisters only PDF, rivalling the old GK codex in it's bare-bonesedness.

any thoughts?


  1. =( thats sad I can only hope the up side is that the sisters will get a solid new codex sometime in the near future.. wait this is GW.. so sometime before I forget they are still a army.

  2. there ARE plastic sisters being made.....codex for them however is unknown....but i wouldnt be surprised if they come out with a codex by early 2012.

  3. My bet is that they don't update it at all. It was the Daemonhunter Inquisitor, mystics, and psycannons that got everyone's panties in a bunch.

  4. Rumors say Sisters get a White Dwarf update sometime this summer. Andy Hoare is rumored to comeback to help write it.

  5. I agree with sandwyrm. Sisters seem to be forgotten right now but so be it. Everyone who has money at this time will spend their money on Psykers(GK) and later destroyed by those who fight them (SOB) :) I don't remember were (and don't want to start any new rumors)but I thought I read somewere that their new rule set might be released in a future issue of white dwarf?

  6. Though Grey Knights was my first full army, currently I have a softer spot for sisters than GK. That being said, I will be taking a HARD look at the new codex to see if an appropriate 1k Sons list can be gleaned from it's pages...

    Too many damned armies, too few hours in the day (after work, kids, wife, chores, etc).


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