Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Best 40k Moment

 by: uberdark

We all hear them. 
"Back in the day, I played a feller' and single handedly killed 30 orks with one lasgun, and THAT was when a lasgun counted for something." 
"This one time, at 40k camp!............"
"Cypher just popped out and had it out with them all."

Yep your own war stories.  I can't tell you how many times over the years I have heard reminiscing of the best moments in 40k.  We all share them, and I for one love hearing them.  So I will share a few of my favorite moments in 40k, and please share some of yours.

1.  When I first started playing 40k I took on "Gibby" an avid Eldar player.  As I moved my trukk forward, Gibby realized he wanted to take it out during his turn.  I of course got blowed up, Ramshackle went off, and I rolled an 18" any direction I wanted to go.  Of course I veered straight into his Farseer and 3 warlocks.  Exploding, and killing his 3 warlocks, at which time his farseer takes a wound, and 8 angry orks are left to mop up the floor.  It was my first awesome moment, and Gibby was a stellar person who laughed about the crazy hit I had gotten on it. 

2.  One night I played Farmpunk, and even though my play wasnt exactly the best I couldnt help but win that night.  Mind you Farmpunk had a raging case of Dice Herpes (the Asian variant) and made something like 12 lascannon shots of which 1 went through and managed to stun the vehicle.  At the end of the night, we both laughed, me probably a bit more, lol, about the unhealthy amount of 1's he rolled, and the obscene amount of 6's I rolled on the saves.

What post wouldn't be complete without one of my better moments.

3.  I decided to play a Dark Angels player one night, I got some guys close to his Terminators, but so far my Boomgun had been spot on all night.  instead it misses, goes over onto 4 boys and the center is firmly in the middle of a trukk with 12 more boys in it.  This blows up the trukk, kills 3 boys, makes that unit fall back, my trukk gets ramshackle, goes backwards, blows up next to a unit of 11 boys that had disembarked already, kills 6 boys, then the 12 boys inside the trukk lose 4 more and are pinned.  After that, I just looked around, threw some dice and laughed my butt off. 

So go ahead ya ol' codger tell us yer stories.


  1. I once played a 1500 pt game where I killed over 100 gaunts with a pair of Wraith Lords.

  2. Back in second edition guns like the assault cannon and heavy bolters used special dice called sustained fire dice. I converted a dread with an assault cannon and twin-linked heavy bolters for optimum dice rolling fun. First game out he killed a move of 20 Orks in one round of shooting. It was some lucky dice rolls, as most good stories are. After that my friend named the Dreadnaught "Crowd Control".

  3. Lemmie see...

    There was the time that a lone Scout Sentinel of mine beat an assault marine squad (with chaplain) in combat and chased them to within a few inches of the board edge. Forcing my opponent to turn half of his army around to save them.

    Or the time that Marbo chased an entire IG squad off the table:

  4. Hrm...

    My best might have been Shelia (callidus asassin) making 16 4+ saves in a game against Rhionnay at the big south store tourney at the American legion. She danced, and weaved, and stabbed, and jumped back, and kept killing. Shelia was En Fuego.

    I thought Rhionnay was going to start cursing and throwing stuff.

  5. I had a squad of genestealers kill 2 drednaughts in one game. STR5 Rending for the win. . .then they died to a single heavy flamer from dred number 3.

    Also liked the time I had doom run a guard squad off the board from leech then turn around and STR8 AP1 a valkerie allowing me to eat another squad and shoot a russ with another STR 10 AP1. Lesson learned by the guard player, take melta guns.

  6. Back in 3rd edition when you could Sweep into nearby units and assault out of a moving Wave Serpent(and you youngsters say assaults are overpowered these days)I had a single ten strong squad of Striking Scorpions wade through nearly an entire 1500pt foot guard army. I was on fire and he was wedged in by terrain, his own units and the board edge. There was nothing he could do except marvel at the carnage. I finished the game on his empty board edge with five or six scorpions left.

    In this case it wasn't that the dice were a statistcal anomaly but one of the rare and extremely gratifying instances where you get a chance to bring an absolute strength to bear against an absolute weakness.

    He's a friend so I made sure to be a complete asshat about it.

  7. 1st was in my very first 40K tourney in New Mexico, this was either Rogue Trader or in the early months of 2nd ed. Eldar Guardian squad wiped out except the crew of the support weapon who were armed only with shuriken pistols. Squad of Termies charges into close combat and in the course of 2 close combat cycles I kill 4 termies and the last fails his morale check and flees.

    2nd was a few months back at one of the G2D4 tournies where my valiant and ever loyal IG took down TWO, count them two, Demon Princes with sustained Lasgun volleys. They were then promptly trn to tiny pieces by the squad of Khorne Berserkers. But the glory of the Thin Olive Drab Line will live forever!!

  8. My best one was back in 3rd ed.

    A lone veteran sgt, after having his squad killed, charged into a factory and killed everyone in it:
    the emperors champion
    2 space marines
    5 guardsmen
    2 tau.

    I was like WTF and after that game, painted blood all over him, and his footsteps to commemorate the moment. I'll never repaint him!

  9. I should add, he was an Imperial Guard vet sgt!

  10. Playing Guard vs Tyranids, 4th Edition. I had a Senior Commander with a power weapon left, he had his Hive Tyrant left with one wound. My commander charged the Hive Tyrant, the Hive tyrant whiffed, and only caused one wound. I made my 5+ invul save, hit once, and rolled a 6 for my wound roll.(I forget if Hive Tyrants had invuls back then, if he did, he failed it). Hive tyrant dead. It was an epic event.

    1850 Tournament, Blood Angels mech force vs Vanilla Marines, with a Terminator squad in a Landraider. I didn't have much long range fire power, but I was packing 5 twin-linked assault cannons. My opponent and I had a discussion about my limited range, and he mentioned that it would be difficult for me to harm his Landraider with only strength 6 weapons. I tried to explain rending, and the redundancy of my list, but he didn't quite get it. On my first turn, drove to within 24" of his Landraider, thanks to the terrain he wanted to declare as a "road", and penetrated/exploded it with my first assault cannon shot. He didn't quite recover, psychologically, after turn one.

  11. Taking the last wound of a terminator armoured nurgle lord with the lasgun of a fleeing guardsman. The last guardsman of that squad. That my opponant had said "you might well remove him, he's of no further use..." tee hee!

  12. you guys ever hear the one about the time Anonymous foodie played 2k and Sandwyrm played 1750 due to a scheduling snafu. man that was great.

  13. Had a unit of Gun-drones gun down Vulkan as he pressed his way towards my Kroot bubble. He had 2 wounds left and I had managed to get 4 wounds on him and he rolled two 0nes. Moral Victory!

    Then there was the game that all my rail cannons missed or when they hit my opponent rolled his cover saves. After awhile I uttered "Inconceivable!" and from there the game became purely entertaining.

  14. Just recently, my DE were playing a game against a Space Marine army. I was winning the game (annihilation) by a few KP when, all of a sudden, this one Techmarine started passing ALL his saves. He promptly killed my Archon and a squad of Warriors, tieing the game, and was in the process of trying to beat down a nearby Raider when the game ended.

    It was rather Epic.

  15. 3rd ed, one conscript left in a squad. got charged by 30 mutants (lost and the damned codex). the 10 or so that could hit him (30 s4 attacks) all failed to kill him or he passed his saves. with his one attack he kills a single t4 4+ save mutant and chases every one of them down.

    my opponant wasn't pleased.

  16. oh and i killed fateweaver with a single laspistol shot from my otherwise out of range flamer armed PCS, which just happened to be my first shot of the game. i think that actually takes the cake. just work out the odds....

  17. I have several "back in the day" stories. These two include Anonymous Foodie.

    Nids v. Space Marines.

    A long time ago, I want to say almost twelve years ago I played my first game against Tyranids. I had previously only played against Chaos,other space marines (two of my friends picked up chaos) and the DE that came in the 3rd ed box.

    I had no idea what anything in the Tyranid army did, I just knew that my shiny terminators were awesome (or so I thought, 3e terminators were "selectively awesome" at best). I decided it would be in my best interest to charge them straight into Foodie's squad of gene-stealers, of course as I started to get close he charged me instead. 5 shiny terminators... all dead, didn't even dent the stealers. I stood there shocked, wondering how that happened, knowing relatively little about the game/other armies, I quickly learned that it was in my best interest to know what I was fighting.

    A different game years later (when Codex Daemonhunters was shiny and new). I borrowed by friends half painted IG army to use in my DH list. At some point in the game a chimera containing a IG squad was popped, and only the sergeant remained in his fancy flak armor. He was under siege by lots of attacks, never breaking... making 24 or so successful saves in a row (over several turns). The model was unpainted (one of the few) but was shinier than the others as my friend had done something to him as part of a painting experiment. For several turns in game he was the "Shining Beacon of the Emperor's Light" tying up Foodies models, and I think contesting an objective. After seeing part of the events transpire the model remains unpainted, one of the few unpainted models in my friends IG army (the only old unpainted model).

  18. Last edition:

    I had My Space Marine Librarian with my assault squad jump out of my Landraider, over the front line of an all foot guard list, and in the middle of his whole army. At that time, there was the fear of dakness type power. I was playing the part owner of the store who hadn't played much 40k in a long time. 75% of his army ran off the board on turn 2! He was sooooooo upset!!!

  19. My best story though, is from Warhammer Fantasy Battle back in 1990 or 91. I was playing Dwarves, and my friend Griffin was playing Orcs and Goblins.

    I had the Goblobber, which was a catapult that shot goblins. Any goblin unit taking a wound from it had to take a moral check.

    So first shot of the first turn, I fire the thing. It scatters wide and I only hit one goblin way in the back of the left-most unit of his line. I kill him and the unit fails it's moral check, running off the table.

    But in that old edition, if a friendly unit within 12" ran, then you had to make a check too. So he did, and that one also failed. Which caused the next unit in line to take a check, which failed too. By the time all was said and done, FIVE units had run right off the table and all my friend had left was a Giant and a couple of Snotling Pump Wagons.

  20. Company command squad got charged by 7 chaos raptors, all his guards died but the commander managed to kill every single raptor on his own own, granted he had a power fist but was a sight to behold.

  21. Probably the best moment I ever had, was when I managed a turn one charge out of a land raider with Logan, Arjac, Ragnar, and 9 wolf guard with frost weapons. They multi-assaulted 3 squads of wolf guard on the other side of the board, along with a lone wolf, and a thunderwolf cavalry unit one man strong. They killed it all...before it got to go. This has been the Star's crowning achievement. The game went to turn 4...ending in a table. So there you go.

    then there was this other time when I was down in Indy, I pulled out my space Marines, and got down and dirty with some IG...got into close combat with my 10 man Terminator squad. Suffered one casualty, and rolled my shots. Hit a massive 12 times. And wounded 4 of them. That was amazing! But they did run away. Damned IG. Another game with him some time soon. I'm hoping!

  22. Hands down the luckiest game I've ever played. Doubles tournament, Guard/Smurf lists. He's rolling Vendettas, Basilisks, Whirlwinds, FNP AssMarines and 3 Biker Squads. We've got no powerfists, next to no melta, shed loads of mortars and multilasers ... pics/plans and all:


    Check it out.

  23. Second game I ever played:

    Eldar vs Sanguinary Guard.

    Dante uses his cool voodoo mask and scares my Farseer into only having 2 wounds. I go first and turboboost my entire army (loads of skimmers) around my Warwalkers in order to protect from his DS shenanigans. He comes on, blows up the Farseers Wave Serpent, All 5 Dire Avengers die, the Farseer takes a wound. Next turn, the Farseer attempts to cast Guide, rolls 3 sixes for his psychic test, fails his Ghosthelm save, fails his invul save, and dies. I then proceed to fire all 73 str 6 shots into my opponents 2 five-man squads, killing nobody.

    We chalked it up to the Farseer still being an apprentice.

    I don't think I have ever laughed harder at a game of 40K.

  24. I tabled a 1850 daemon horde with Urakha the warfiend and a bunch of blkood crushers a few months ago without loosing a single ork or vehicle

  25. I'm playing a 1500 point game nids vs Chaos and the nid player has managed to avoid my heavy fire and get his Hive Tyrant all the way across the table and has assaulted my Prince to take him down. Lash whips and Bone Swords were out in force and he landed all 5 hits on me and proceeded to follow up all 5 hits with 5 wounds which meant good night sweet prince. I proceeded to roll the 5 invul saves and nailed a 6 6 6 4 4 with all the sixes lined up. I smiled at him and just said "Apparently he's demonic. Suprised you didn't know that." we both had a good laugh

  26. I know I'm late to the party, but I just had to share my favorite 40k moment:

    Sept. 09- Still playing with the PDF codex Blood Angels, before Mephiston became a daemon prince in disguise, I brought 2500 points of BA to my buddies basement an hour and a half's drive away for a massive 6-way Apoc game. After 2 hours of setting up and planning, I had finally put my measuring tape to my first jump pack trooper when my cell phone began to ring.

    "Matt," my wife said on the other end of the line, "I think I'm having the baby!"

    Next morning, at 9:53 am, my daughter was born. I don't regret missing that game for an instant.


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