Monday, May 23, 2011

Game Preserve Bloomington Kinda Rocks!

by Spaguatyrine

So some of us went to the Game Preserve in Bloomington this past Saturday for an 1850 tournament.  I told the guys I am just going for fun....

I was just going for fun. I wanted to play my grey knights at a higher point level and just chill a little.  I knew there would be painting scores and battle points, so I stayed up until 2am ensuring I was at the minimum a 3 color standard.  My painting paid off as painting was 40% of the score and I was perfectly fine with that.  We knew this going in, so no complaining here about painting scores! :)

Overall I had an absolutely GREAT time.  The location which is centrally located in the center of Bloomington had a wide variety of stores in the same shopping area as well as numerous shops and eating facilities within walking distance.  The gaming area was downstairs and partly secluded which made for a nice setting without having to deal with ton's of visitors.  The parking was free and every staff member was very accommodating.  My hat goes off to Wendi the manager who was an amazing host!  They gave out discount tickets for lunch, provided a free drink, a large cookie cake, and amazing prize support for a very low entry fee into the tournament. Britton also did a great job of running the event.

All this being said, I will definitely be making the drive down to play in at Game Preserve Bloomington  more often. If you are interested in checking them out you can follow them on twitter or face book.  They run a tournament every month that is around 1850 points.  Their contact information is below:

The Game Preserve - Bloomington 101 W. Kirkwood Ste. 117
Bloomington, IN

Great Job Wendi, Britton, and the rest of the team! And I will see you soon! ;)


  1. Besides my scores being mixed up, It was a good time. I'm glad more people came down to this one. I'll definitely need to paint more before the next one though.
    A very close game between Spag and I ended up not being so close. For almost tabling each other I think we ended up like 6-14 KPs in his favor.

  2. Hey Spag, just wanted to say I'm glad you enjoyed the tourney as much as I did. You were a great opponent and I'm looking forward to seeing you at another tourney. I played you third round, sorry if I was a bit out of it.

  3. Great Game Gravemind! It was really close!!

    I have a question..Does Mephiston have frag grenades?

    :) LOL

  4. Yes he does, frag, krak and TSKNF


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