Friday, May 13, 2011

We're Back. Sort Of.

by SandWyrm

Blogger has been down (for everyone) for over 20 hours, but at least comments are working again. Restoration is still underway, so we'll have to see if the missing post and comments to previous stories reappear.


  1. I lost a decent post myself. Hope things come back for both our sites.

  2. Dude - you do not drive half way across the state and the next day post a picture of a wrecked car saying "We're back"


  3. Of course it was when I had free time and motivation. I had noticed a couple days ago that the usernames had reset.

    Ya, there were some nice posts I had found, and couldn't comment on. Now I can't find some of them. Sigh.

  4. Damn, your last post about distractions was awesome - So awesome I wanted to comment but it was down!

    Just to clear something up. If a unit of say, melta vets takes out a transport, in the same turn can they assault whatever was left in the transport? I only ask because I was always under the impression you couldnt as you have to charge the unit that you shot at, and that is now destroyed (The chimera/Rhino)

    Would be great if someone could clear this up

  5. @ Wolfy

    Yes, you can. It's the one caveat to that rule, and it's actually found in a sidenote (italics under a picture or paragraph). I believe it's in the transport section... I'll see if I can narrow it down a bit for you.

  6. Fortunately, I can rebuild the distraction guest post if need be. The original was on another blog. I'd just have to redo the formatting.

    I'll wait until tomorrow to see if the post reappears. If not, I'll rebuild.

  7. Found it - page 67, it's a "note" under the "effects of damage results on passengers".

    Bookmark this page, kids. It's one of those that comes up fairly often.

  8. Thanks a lot for the clarification!


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