Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Nova Open: Spaguatyrine's decision-Space Wolves or Grey Knights

By Spaguatyrine

How do I feel about the Nova?????

 As I prepare for the Nova Open in August, I am trying to get in 2000 point practice games with my 2 armies that have the best ability to perform at a high level.....

Army 1: Space Wolves-Overall my best army to date.  Due to the codex playing itself as some players, (whiners), tend to say. I have had great and uncanny success over the past year with them.  

Army 2: Grey Knights-Good start with the revamped Daemonhunters army I played in the past.  The codex is newer and has a lot of tricks. 

I will put down some pro's and con's and ask your opinion and thoughts on which army to take.  Local players know my play style and are encouraged to make suggestions and comments.  I want to represent the Indianapolis area well in this GT. We have some great competitive players here and I have sensed from different blogs that we don't always get the respect from other parts of the country. That being said all comments are welcomed. 

Space Wolves

  • More solid in tactics and knowing the codex in and out.  More practice and experience.
  • Thunderwolves. I love them!

  • Great psychic defense and powers.  Jaws, Living Lightning, Hurricane, etc.  Chooser of the slain!!!
  • Grey Hunters as troops.
  • Longfangs and ability to split fire.
  • Wolf Scouts-Behind enemy lines.
  • All painted and looking awesome. Even my board and bases.


  • People are beginning to tailor lists to match up well with Wolves.
  • Everyone is playing them.
  • Weak against 2 builds. Fatecrusher and Eldar all Skimmer Lists. (The way I play them).
  • AV13=Ugh!!

Grey Knights

  • New Codex. Less players have experience with them. Balancing my experience vs. inexperience.
  • Everything has a power weapon.  Eliminates MEQ armies fairly easily.
  • Psychic powers off the chart stupid!!  Eliminates MEQ armies fairly easily.
  • Terminators as troops. Eliminates MEQ armies fairly easily.
  • Close combat monsters. (The way I play them)
  • Great shooting potential with storm bolters, psyflemen dreads, psycannons, etc.
  • Great new display board and a ton of stuff to use.

  • The way I play them they are elite and have a small model count.  Expensive units.
  • Very dependent on psychic powers. (Stupid Eldar Runes of warding)  (A lot of hoods will be there)
  • I still don't have a list I like at 2000 totally, but close. 
  • Have issues against eldar runes of warding and certain guard builds. (Needs 1st turn)

I could really go either way right now but am leaning towards my Space Wolves. I have mocked played my armies against each other and it has been super bloody. Whoever gets first turn seems to wipe each other out.  I am torn and need the back40k group to jump in!

What do you think?


  1. Hmmm. I think you stand a better chance with your puppies. I have been playing Greynights a lot (my roommate is going crazey with them), and have not lost yet. Space wolves are still better (unlocked).

    I also think That the killing power vs MEQ is over stated. They Die just the same, and if you are better in the movement phase they are not much of a threat. I Play a Hybrid Blood Angels list that is not optimized (15 Death Company :) ), but if you can gang up and use mobility to win assaults (yay Jumppacks!) you can weather his better shooting.

    Or just hitt him with 15 missile launchers :)

  2. Wait, you guys play 40k in Indianapolis? I'm not sure since you did not put any lists. I personally would go with GK and play henchmen. Death cult is nice and cheap.

    Lots of wolves, IG, BA, and deathwing armies at last weeks Bugeater GT in Omaha. Wolves got handled pretty good for how many their were. Top 2 wolves were Loganwing and Drop pods wolves.

  3. Honestly both codexes are fine.

    But you seem more experienced with your Wolves, so take them.

  4. Your Wolves sound like a safer bet. You are experienced with them and know what to do when a given situation arises in the tournament.

    The Grey Knights sound like more of a gambling man's army(in your situation that is). Where your Wolves are a solid choice and play to your strengths, your Grey Knights will play toward your opponents lack of experience against them. If you get guys that haven't seen many GKs in their area(like me), then you might have an easier game. So the question is, "Are you feeling lucky, punk?" (The quote would have been better if it was directed at Farmpunk.)

  5. Given the fact that the field will be intensely competitive the higher you go in it, due to the appeal of the format and the # of players ... it would stand to logic that while either army may win you early games or a majority of wins ... if you want to do really well, you're better off with an army you are extremely comfortable and confident with.

    You're going to have to win unfavorable match-ups and hard games one way or another if you want to rise to the top of the heap. Neither army will aid you in squeaking through without a tricky battle or 8.

  6. Wolves are the better all around army and that will likely bear out over 8 games. Even with players building to beat wolves their tactical flexibility and crazy good codex superpowers make them difficult to take down when in the hands of an experienced player. The GK don't have quite that kind of invulnerability to the rock/paper/scissors game that is the rest of the 40k line up. I'm guessing your toughest games will be against other wolf players and maybe guard if they get first turn. Good luck.

  7. As most people have said, go with the Wolves. Don't count on your opponent to make a mistake or to be inexperienced against your codex.

    Take your wolves, and go for the throat!

  8. I think that the Wolves are a much more flexible force. In my opinion, they will serve you better against a more diverse array of opponents.

  9. How many armies out there that say trump to wolves? Do marker lights make a mockery of your wolf list? Psykers don't really bother it either. And how many players at nova will be ignorant to the GK's?

    I mean I would rather play against your GK's than the wolves. It is a better army and you are a better player using your pups so stick with them.

  10. This also permits you to spend far more time polishing up your paint job to the best of your abilities; Renaissance Man is a serious target for all those people who "whiff" a game or two and finish the first day 2-2 or 3-1 and bracketed to match.

  11. I say drop both of the lap dog armies and play a real army, like the true kin.

    Failing that I will go along with the majority here and suggest wolves. Your personal comfort and skill with an army trumps any lack of knowledge on the op4 side. In fact I would strongly suggest locking in your list soon and getting a good dozen or so games in with it before the open.

  12. When faced with a choice between two things where I can see so many pros and cons I can't make my mind up, I toss a coin.

    I don't look at the coin result. When it's up in the air, I know what I want it to be coming down, and then I do that.

    In the end, it won't matter. Winning in something like 40K isn't about what army you bring. If you feel more comfortable beating face with Wolves, do that. If you are really itching to try something new, even if you're not sure of the result or confident, do that.

  13. Nice comments from all.

    I played 2 games today with the wolves and feel like underdoc stated they are the best choice.

    I do think they are a better army overall at and my experience with them will definitely help. A part of me wants to put my tournament winning streak on the line, and part of me doesn't. But like Caulynn Darr said, "I need to test my skills in a bigger ocean".

    Wolves it will be.

    That being said, I will take on all challengers at 2,000 with 2 lists I have designed.

    My Thunder/Razor list


    My standard list

    To get the best list for me.

    The throat I will go for!

  14. @Rionnay,
    If you don't have anything positive to say then don't.

  15. that was positive. Sorry I didn't rub your ego buddy ;-)

    In all honesty it doesn't matter which you pick. people may taylor their lists to play against wolves, however any good player will be able to play against wolves or knights. Either one you pick will be fine. The only issue I do see you having however is how would your wolves play against someone elses?

    Can you play your wolves against someone with close to the same list and win? That's the question I pose. Before you think me rude or not being positive stop and think about it. The GK wont be ready, simply put they wont. You wont have the ability to test the list at 2k like you want to. If you want help and you are set on playing GK at all or if it's even still an option let me borrow your wolves and I'll play you in a game to give you a little practice. (no i'm not saying i'll win just offering to help.

  16. @Spag
    I got ya bro. Next Saturday 2000 throwdown no holds bar BA v. Whatever you got sir.

  17. Nice Nemisis. We can play the tie breaker!


    I will go with the wolves because of the suggestions of many on this post. I have played against myself and feel the armies are very close in their ability to beat each other. I am still waiting for a space wolf player to show up in the area for a challenge. I would love to get some practice against a nid player though..... :)

  18. Sure! :-) when would be good for you? I need to build a couple hive guard but other than that I'm ready. I was going to take my wolves next monday but if you are coming to north I can adjust this if you'd like?

  19. If you are playing Monday night at the GP North, I could meet you there after I get my boys. You in? Shoot me a text.

  20. I only recently got back into warhammer and it was my first time playong 40k. I decided to pick an army I liked for how they looked and their idea without lookling into their rules and codex stuff. I just really love thunderwolves. They look awesome and the whole idea of them is cool. I also liked having marines without helmets on and Space Wolves looked good like that. Imagine my surprise when the army I had picked was also a pretty easy one not to suck at.


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