Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What is he DOING?!??

by: farmpunk

Mrs. farmpunk isn't sure who this crazed man is, painting dollies, no less. She only understands that there must be a deadline approaching to see so much productivity.

I've been painting. I Built 5 GK's,  painted around 20 GK's, and 2 Dreads in the last 4 days. Then washed them all, and did backpacks. I still have to apply my last color. Which I will stop my a Hobby Lobby or Michaels tomorrow to get a paint pen.

Here's to NOVA!


  1. This post smells like... (sniff-sniff) vinegar. Good luck at Nova!

  2. can we get some work finished pics when you are done?

  3. I'll do some work as it is now pics (done... hah! when am I ever 'done'?)

    I think I'm also going to do a 'quick and dirty basing' article about using coffee, sand, and static grass on regular bases. it seemed a lot of people liked how fast it was, and how it looked at NOVA.


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