Monday, September 19, 2011

A Lesson To Learn From, GW!

By TheGraveMind

Many people have not been happy with Netflix lately. They separated their DVD and streaming services and have increased the cost. On top of that, their streaming selection has not been the best nor consistent. I've even heard that within the year they will lose their Starz Entertainment deal, taking away even more movies. Seeing as I don't have cable tv, I use the streaming in its place, and that is the only thing I'm now subscribed to. Well, I and many others, received an email today, which can be read HERE.

I say, kudos.
It is a well written letter of apology from the CEO that explains the reason for what they are doing. This is a great action that reaches out to the custormer base and helps mend the rift they have caused.
Now if only other companies would do this.... Glaring at you GW.

I'm not going to keep going on about how bad GW is, that has been beaten to death in the past. I wanted to bring to the attention of others, that it is fully possible for a company to do this.

Two quick things of GW being GW. I'm working on a Space Marine (video game) review. But looks like you need to buy additional downloadable content if you want to have any real fun in Multiplayer.

Also, it seems IG are getting another wave of plastic models. Hydra, stormtroopers and such. Well I'm still waiting for my Tervigon, Tyrannofex, bone swords and more.


  1. [quote]Well I'm still waiting for my Tervigon, Tyrannofex, bone swords and more. [/quote]
    Pathetic that they haven't come out with these yet.

    I wrote a rant on that -

  2. thats hilarious all those IG models are already available in some form or other , lol GW LOL.

    It COuld be argued that a tfex is almost compulsory for nids to have a hope in mechammer 40k , it is a boob that it has no model of any description thus far .

  3. Man, it's not a 'boob'...boobs are fun ;)
    I do find it crazy not to support the Nid range, its almost a self fulfilling prophesy: "we're not sure if the relaunch will go well, so lets hold off creating some of these new kits..see what people want" 3 months later "yeah, its not going well, lets scrap those new nid kits"
    I am of course aware that their production capacity is limited, as are the company's ability to launch an unlimited number of new kits etc, constraints la la fucking la.
    The DE range was well thought out, beautifully designed with a xenos dex that isn't total horse shit.
    And it is seeing game time on tabletops worldwide...
    Where are the Nids?
    Absorbing bio mass whilst on holiday in Gaza?

  4. What DLC are you talking about for Space Marine Multiplayer? The only one that I know of that you need to buy (for Steam, anyways) is the Power Sword, and it just has the same stats as the Chainsword (lol), and that's only because to get it on consoles, you had to buy and beat Kill Team to get it.

  5. AAARGGGHH!!!!

    People buy more kits to convert those things than they would if GW just made them, just like TWC.

    Do you seriously think it's a coincidence that since the SW book we have had:
    Ork Boarboyz
    Ogre Cavalry things
    Giant Cats

    and probably more I've forgotten??

    People buy these to convert.

    As for Space Marine, I've reached level 35 (XBOX, my tag is THEKing Elessar) and have bundles of fun - just the lack of maps is an issue. Even the Bolter is an adequate weapon, mostly after you get Kraken Rounds of course.

  6. Let's see:

    *Tyranids's new models (T-fex/Tervigon) were called because they fucked up the codex and wouldn't sell. No FAQ, gets in the way of charging for a new rulebook on, what, late 6th? They won't even bother for the Tomb Kings Necro Colossus/Hierotitan.

    *TWC...well, they thought that people would either:

    a)Buy several Canis. LOL NO.
    b)Buy the plastic Bloodcrushers that came out around that time. More likely.

    What happened is c)Buy any Fantasy cavalry because the Bloodcrushers were too damn expensive. They earn money anyways so who cares.

    Short term money grab is GW's policy.

  7. IG are GW's #3 seller after Marines and Orks. That's the reason right there. Nids aren't selling, so no love. Of course if they had some love, they'd sell.

  8. ^ The Sisters Conundrum, I believe it's called. lol

  9. Bloody hell... the IG stuff never came...


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