Saturday, September 24, 2011

SandWyrm's New Blog: The M42 Project

by SandWyrm

No, I'm not quitting The Back 40K. Far from it.

But my hiatus this week has allowed me to think very seriously about how I want to spend my blogging time, and whether some of the 40K-related things I want to post about going forward are best suited to this particular blog.

What are those things? Dice odds. Game mechanics. Rules design. The sorts of stuff that I find interesting to tear apart, analyze, critique, and re-build. But which tend to get misinterpreted here by some as simple moaning and complaining. So I decided that it would be better to separate those interests out into their own blog that could build up an appreciative readership of it's own. That way The Back 40K can remain more light-hearted, casual, and general interest in nature. Whereas the new blog will be more serious and objective-driven.

It's also become obvious to me that I'm over-dominating the posting here. It's been nice to take a break and see the other authors shine this week. They've really been doing a good job! So I think I ought to pare back my posting on TB40K to something like 1-2 times per week. I've never wanted this site to be all about SandWyrm.

So what's the new blog about? Well, it's about re-designing 40K. If you remember my last post on dice rolling in 40K, you'll know that I came up with what I think is a superior set of basic mechanics for the game. Well, I want to do that for the rest of 40K too. I want to tear 40K apart, down to it's most basic roots, and then rebuild it as a faster, easier, more characterful version of itself. One that would be particularly well suited for tournament play. And which would no longer be a piece of GW IP. Enabling factions developed by other companies to be incorporated using fan-made army lists.

If that sounds interesting, and you want to help make it happen, then head on over to The M42 Project and join up. It'll mostly be discussions at first. But after a while we should see a new rules set emerge that will need to be tested and improved. Then, as things expand, various tasks will need to be delegated out. I'm starting this thing up, but I really want it to become a community effort. It's too big a task for one guy to do!

So in closing, expect me to still post here if I have something to say that's more general interest in nature. But I'll save the particularly nerdy analytical stuff for the new blog. :)


  1. Interesting, I'll certainly check it out.

    That said, I'm sure we'll disagree at least as much as we agree. ;)

  2. Oh, and hurry up with that Blood Angel painting post. :p

  3. You should look into some forum software or something - I get disqus errors left and right when I try to post a comment on that blog.

  4. @Watchwood

    What errors are you getting? Disqus isn't working on the mobile template, and the buttons screw up if the avatars aren't set to huge, but otherwise it seems fine.

  5. Was a bunch of generic errors, didn't give me any details. Seems to be working fine now, but I'll take some screenshots if it happens again.

    Though it does keep randomly logging me out, which is kinda annoying.

  6. I always like what you write Sandwyrm so I'll subscribe to your new blog as well.

    Keep it up!


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