Friday, March 2, 2012

The Indy Open: and here we go!

by: farmpunk

Well Gang! The day is here. The tank is clean! The Sun is shining!

The Indy Open is upon us!

Spags called me earlier today to let me know He, ScottyDon't, Wineas, JRock, and SickofStrings are all into the Building, and busy ferrying terrain, and setting up tables.

I'm at work.

I'm printing up some name tags, and going to get the award plaques tonight.

My Brain is recovering from checking army lists. I've plowed through a lot of them. Spags helped me out by checking some of them.

There's a pre-tourney combat patrol event tonight at Games 2 Die For, starting at 6:30. (for all you gits who won't get enough from 6 games over 2 days.)

11th Co. Podcast will be here in full effect. I don't know that there will be livecasting of the event, because I don't know if the Legion Hall has Wi-Fi or not.

We'll do at least a recap of the end of Day1, and I'll be sending Timmah at Equinox hobbies results too.

We're waiting on the 64 entrants and alternate to show up to throw down!

Let us know what you guys wanna hear about!


  1. Day one results would be nice, but I imagine you will all be too busy to post them.

    It would be cool to see some pictures of the gaming hall at the very least, and a few examples of your terrain layout.

    Good luck guys.

  2. I'd like to get pics up of every army that plays. That's in SandWyrm's Dept. I'll try to get him to do pics when he paintjudges.

  3. Wish I could have made it... Silly phone conversion here at the U of I killing all free time :-) Salary and "exempt" status means of course LONG weeks at work... Good luck to all though!

  4. I'll do my best to get pics of the hall and all the participants' armies. If we have time I'll post up the day1 results too.

  5. Hehe. . . just have to finish adding new bases to all my stuff. Might actually get some sleep tonight?!

  6. Sunny? What part of Indy are you guys in? Actually I wouldn't know. I've been slaving away finishing my army. I guess I'll see you all in the morning. Just keep painting, just keep painting.


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