Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Anaphelactic Shock And Pre-Heresy Fun!

By Outremer

My Heresy era Death guard.

I've been looking for a different project to work on.  I'd like to try some freehand stuff. . . like ornate scrollwork, Land raiders with murals painted on the side, and delicate flowers. . . Um, scratch the flowers. 

Don't get me wrong, my heart belongs to Papa Nurgle. . . his style just doesn't really lend itself to murals and scrollwork if you know what I mean. . .

I'm  absolutely captivated by the artwork from the Horus heresy card game.  I started looking into doing a Pre-heresy Thousand sons army.  While looking on the internet I came across the Tempus Fugitives site.

Long story short, these guys run campaign weekends set during the pre/post heresy era using their own codex for Space marine legions.  They can explain it better than I can. . .


I was blown away when I saw how well put together their codex is and immediately started writing out a Thousand sons army list.  I passed the info on to a few of the guys I play with and now there are several of us putting lists together to try it out.  I haven't really been to the shop for a while, so if I haven't seen some of you to mention it, I apologize!

Needless to say, after getting a better idea how much it would cost me to start just a new minimum sized two thousand point army, I decided it would make much more sense to build on the army I have already. 

I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place with this one.  I really like the look of the Pre -heresy Thousand sons. . . Red/gold and all kinds of cool opportunities for ornamentation!  I'm really not in love with the Pre-Heresy death guard look. . . it's just kind of boring, with hardly any ornamentation.

I think i'm going to take up the challenge of finding some way to make the original Death guard a little more interesting. . .

Here's the new Heresy Death guard additions I've been working on: 

The first of three Barbarus sting Drop pods:

Mmmmmm. . . nothing like a pod that spews Tox missiles and Filth on your opponent's army!

As for the anaphelactic shock part of the title. . . I've found out the hard way that I'm allergic to the resin that Chapterhouse studios uses.  Both times I have used their stuff i've had really bad allergic reactions.  This time I took some time off from them and came back using gloves and I seem to be alright.  Damn if those Chapterhouse bits aren't worth risking my life to use though!   :)


  1. I love me some Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons.

  2. That drop pod is a BRILLIANT idea. I'm excited to see it painted up.

  3. That tempus codex is outrageous - it's worth downloading just to surf through. Been kicking around the idea of doing a virtual campaign of some sort, and saw some very interesting unit-specific ideas and mechanics for idea fodder.

  4. Excellent! My heresy-era Thousand Sons were made because of the work that Ulf and Co. from the Tempus Fugitives have done, and actually took a trip across the pond last month just to attend the campaign weekend. It was, hands down, the most fun event I've attended and we're already planning on going back next May for their next Heresy event! We're also working on bringing a Tempus Fugitives campaign stateside in 2013 as well. Should be good times!

  5. The Death Guard are already a semi-industrial looking force with all the pipes and vents; why not add some more of the imagery you see in Chapters like the Iron Warriors? Warning glyphs, safety bars, and other motifs would make the Death Guard look more like industrial biohazard force they are.

    1. That's actually the direction I'm heading! Great minds and all that? I added waste drums and pipes to my plague marine rhinos and intend to push that angle with any new stuff I add to the army. I'm actually waiting for a shipment of bits from maxmini that includes a bunch of their new biohazard backpacks.

  6. I've had a similar reaction to resin. Just use old clothes and change out of them as soon as possible.

    The Heresy era DG look great. Are there any rules for those drop pods or are you using them as Deathwind?

    1. The rules for them are in the Tempus fugitives codex.

      They shoot either tox missiles with a str 1, ap 4, poison 2+, large blast with 12" range, or chem cannons with a str 1, ap 3, poison 2+, template.


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