Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Pretty Painted Parade Of Plastic Panzer Platoons

by Sandwyrm

Say that 5 times fast. :)

Nothing gets me painting like a Tourney! So with my first Flames of War tournament coming up next weekend at Games 2D4, I've been beavering away on my German army. So far I have the tanks done and every thing else is in various states of completion.

The Panzer III's (in front) were a pain, because I had to convert them from L's to N's by clipping, trimming, and then drilling out the barrels.

Next  I had to add on Shürzen (side skirts). Which I had to convert from PzIV skirts because the PSC PzIII kits didn't come with any. At first, I was only going to do the lower skirts, but that looked dumb, so I had to do the turret skirts too. It took way too long!

Still, they look very nice now. And while the Shürzen were a pain, they'll make the PzIII's much more effective in assault against lines of American and British troops armed with Bazookas, which I expect to see a lot of.

Here's the whole army:

The list is a Tunisia/Italy Panzer Company from the North Africa book, and has gone 4-1 in testing so far. The 1 loss was VERY close and literally came down to a single die roll at the end; in a game where I had the terrain disadvantage and flubbed the deployment. So I feel pretty confident that I have the tools I need to win, even if I don't have the experience to always use them properly.

It should be fun!

Edit: BTW, that 1650 point army you see above? About $150.00 if you get your tanks from the Plastic Soldier Company. I spend more money buying terrain these days than I do on models. :)


  1. Looking great matey. The only quibble is that while you did an excellent on the Shürzen, they were not used in the North Africa campaign as far as I know.

    Again they still look great!


    1. This is where the needs of competition have to take precedence over strict historical accuracy. Without the Shürzen and the Infantry scouts, American and British lists from Italy just can't be reliably dealt with. So I've shifted to the Tunisia/Italy list that gives me the options I need to compete.

      Just imagine it as alternate history. Where the Axis won in Egypt, Kursk went the wrong way, and Rommel pushed on up through Palestine in the same time frame that Italy happened in real-life. :)

    2. I have no problem with that idea! It was just the old historical gamer in me peeking out.

  2. Beautiful! I'd like to request a bat-rep! I'm warming up to FoW after watching a couple of friends play a game last week.

    1. I should have taken some pics when I lost to the Russians yesterday. Parts of that battle were amazing and it really did come down to one roll where a 4+ would have won me the game and I rolled a 3. :)

  3. Looks brilliant!

    Remind me: why have I gone for Late-War British infantry?

  4. Sweet.

    Good luck at the tourney!

    1. Thanks. I'm told we'll have a national champion attending. Guess I'll see how bad I get stomped. :)

  5. Excellent, they look brilliant!

    Best of luck in the tournament, kerb-stomp some allied heads.

    Would you mind taking a shot down the length of the hull so I can see how you shaped the brackets for the schurzen. Did you mount them onto the track guards or the hull?

    I spent about an hour last night making a single set of wire mesh ones for my III's but I think I will follow your lead as I have a few spares from the IV's kit and it does look good.


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