Tuesday, June 24, 2014

There's A New Tank MMO In Town

by SandWyrm

It's called 'Armored Warfare', and it concentrates on modern armor. Including MBTs, IFVs, etc. Looks as though it plays like World of Tanks, which is a good thing. :)

You can check it out (and sign up for the open beta) at: http://aw.my.com/

Looking forward to trying it out, as WoT has gotten pretty frustrating.


  1. Try playing World of Tanks on the XBox, with 10 year olds who leave their mic on.
    I really need a new PC...that won't get claimed by the Crazy Lady I Live With.

    1. I was really jazzed about the historical mode in the last update. But the way they incorporated it means that you never have enough players to be sure of having a match. The games themselves are a blast (asymmetrical forces), where Tigers really are king. But you'll spend forever waiting to see if the game will start, and the lesser known battles never attract enough players for a game at all.

      So the sloppy execution of that, plus the new graphics that cause more frame-rate yo-yos, has me soured on WoT right now.


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