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We've done a lot of great battle reports here on the Back 40K, here are the best ones organized by opponents. Enjoy! -SW

Imperial Guard vs. Space Marines:
How I Won A Battle Without Killing Anything
Mech Guard vs. Vulkan Marines
SandWyrm vs. Caulyndarr
The Tallarn 13th vs. Shrike Termies

Imperial Guard vs. Imperial Guard:

Battle Report: Tallarn vs. The Death Korps Of Krieg
SandWyrm vs. Dethtron At Adepticon

Imperial Guard vs. Witchhunters:

Mounted TROOPS... right (or 'It Was More Of A Dry Hump')
Here We Went Again
Dude! Where's My Advance?
Off To War In The Man Cave
Man Cave II

Imperial Guard vs. Xenos:

A Little Friendly Target Practice (IG vs. Eldar)
Battle Report: Imperial Guard vs. Tau
You Always Remember Your First Time (IG vs. Daemons)
Drow, Drow, Drow, Your Raider (IG vs Dark Eldar)
What We Had Here Was A Failure To Communicate (IG vs. Dark Eldar) Facing The Ugly Bugs At Last
A Fine Looking Battle (IG vs. Orks)

Witchhunters vs. Marines:

Battle For Rat Skull
Clash Of The Titans: Farmpunk vs. Spaguatyrine

Marines vs. Marines:

Blood Angels (Emo-Wing) vs. Ultramarines
Blood Angels (Emo-Wing) vs. Space Wolves
Sanguinary Guard vs. Thunderwolves
One Marine Two Marines Red Marines Blue
Spaguatyrine's 1500 Grey Knights vs. Blood Angels
Of Blood And Fur
Spaguatyrine's Grey Knights vs. GraveMind's Blood Angel Jumpers
Stealing The Win (And The Battle Report)

Spaguatyrine Finally Loses To A Blood Angels Player... Kinda
Marines vs. Xenos:
First Game Against Daemons
Blood Angels (Emo-Wing) vs. Genestealers
Wait... I Won?!?! (Emo-Wing vs. Eldar)
Rematch: Uberdark vs. Spaguatyrine (Space Wolves vs. Orks)Sir! There Are Orks In Front Of Us!

Dark Eldar vs. Marines:

A Day Shrouded In Darkness - Game 1
A Day Shrouded In Darkness - Game 2
A Day Shrouded In Darkness - Game 3

Dark Eldar vs. Xenos:

Everybody Loves A Batrep (Orks)

Flames Of War:

SandWyrm's Panzers vs. TheNeverThere's T-34's
Battle Report: German Panzers vs. Russian Infantry

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