Sunday, June 29, 2014

More Relic Knights Photos

by CaulynDarr

Marikan To and a Serpent Priestess (Space Marine for scale)

The Noh faction for Relic Knights is turning out to be one of the better executed ones.  It helps that they are the monster faction and are about twice as large as any other model.  I've got all the models from the Noh and Shatter Sword factions assembled(except for one Shattered Sword figure that was miss-packet with two torsos and no sword).

Two Noh Berserkers with a Shattered Sword Purifier

Sebastian Cross, Shattered Sword Relic Knight

Francis Mallory, and 2 Paragons

Kasaro To, Noh Empire Relic Knight

Candy, Prismatic Relic Knight

Darkspace Fiametta, Darkspace Rin, Cordelia Clean, and The Void Herald

Sword Sworn
A Noh Render and Zineda

The various cyphers for the Knights

Some more photos of the painted two:

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