Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Gencon 2018 Photo Dump: Venue & Exhibits

by SandWyrm

I spent much of my time at Gencon this year testing my own game, but I did get some nice pictures of the costumes, products, and other cool things that crossed my path as I ran to and fro.

Wednesday Evening. Gencon hasn't officially started yet, but the rock bands are out performing for all of the early arrivers.
The main badge line is already doubling back on itself, but my kid and I are around the corner,
waiting in the line for Game Master badges. This one only took 30 minutes to get through.
As we near the front, we notice that Deadpool has sold out to the man. ;)
WarStrike set up in the First Exposure Playtest Hall (FEPH) on the last day, as we wait for players to be assigned to us. Against the back wall you can see the companies (who paid for most of this) that will be glad to talk to you all day about fabricating your game/book, or launching a Kickstarter where they'll handle all of the logistics. Panda in particular was handing out large boxes full of card/token/miniature examples to every designer in the room.
This shot shows the other end of the room. The FEPH is absolutely free to play in BTW. So check it out if you're ever
stuck looking for what to do at Gencon. Most of these companies are showing off their prototypes for card/board/roleplaying games, and their sessions usually only last a bit over an hour once everyone is seated. 
Having pretty much run out of space everywhere else to expand, Gencon actually took over Lucas Oil Stadium and moved a whole bunch of events over there that usually sell all of their tickets. Below, in the bowels of the stadium, were the live action role-players. Up here on the field itself was a mixture of games (including Flames of War) and the family play area. 
On the downside, this was about as far away from their usual place in the wargaming hall as you could possibly get, and it required a LONG walk to get there. But the upside was that the stadium, being huge and all, was VERY quiet. These guys from Able Kompanie were all playing in normal, conversational voices. Because the ambient crowd noise became lost in the stands. Coming as I was from the FEPH, possibly the noisiest room at Gencon, the silence of the stadium was startling.
On the way back, I noticed these guys playing Gauntlet: Legends. Which was the first video
game that I ever worked on. Nice to see that it still has legs 20 years later!
Meanwhile... In the vendor hall...
"Honey! The babysitter is here!"
"Awe... They're so cute when they're young..."
Bought one of these. And yes... It's hilarious.

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