Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why Battlepoints Are Gimping Your Tournaments

by SandWyrm

It's a plain fact that 40K tourneys have a bad rap amongst the greater 40K community. They're often seen as nothing but an excuse for WAAC (Win At All Costs) players to throw fun out the window and bring the most "broken" or "spammy" combos they can to grind other players into the dirt. Certainly, the most common experience for new players attending a tourney for the first time is to lose two or more of their games. Often very, very, badly. Which, when combined with the tension of a typical event, will often sour them on ever going to another tourney again. 

But is it the competitive players that are responsible for this perception, or is the result of a flawed competitive system?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Powergamers - A second opinion

by Anonymous Foodie

As some of you know, I tend to shy away from the tournament scene.  I did make a trip down to Bloomington recently, and may jump on the bandwagon a bit more to try for some store credit toward a few new DE minis, but overall, I vastly prefer the friendly setting.  With beer, if at all possible.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Video: FAAC vs. WAAC

by SandWyrm

From UberDark's comment in Spaguatyrine's last post. Too funny!

The Point Sink: or How to put all your piddies in one basket.

by Uberdark

So lately I have been trying some new things out with my ork army. I have kitted out my bikers, made them all nob bikers and given them a painboy, and FNP.  all this for a huge 650 points.  I have been told by multiple people that this is waaaaaaayyyyyy too much to be doing.  Although a few have been inquisitive and asked how it works.  So here it goes.  The point sink. pros and cons.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Poll Results: Kill The Emperor!!!

by SandWyrm

The results of our poll are in! 50 readers (86.2%) voted to kill the Emperor and move the story of the Imperium forward. While 8 readers (13.8%) like their galaxy the way it is.

Time to contact Inquisitor Booth and make the arrangements. :)

1500 point tournament in Lafayette, Indiana January 15th

by Spaguatyrine

Will you be here for this tournament?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

by Spaguatyrine


Sandwyrm and me a few weeks ago in his mancave!! I am
the turkey in the Middle! :) Scott is watching on the right.

Enjoy your time with Friends and Family.

The things I am thankful for:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Who's got the best psyker in the land?

by Spaguatyrine

Is it me?

The Problem With Al'Rahem

by SandWyrm

I've never been a big fan of Captain Al Rahem as a Platoon Command Squad upgrade for the IG. But Marnepup over on Librarium Online really summed it up nicely today.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Has It Occured To Anyone Else That...

by SandWyrm

...If the rumors are true, the upcoming Grey Knight Codex will make a pretty good Iron Warriors Codex?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Shall We Kill The Emperor?

by SandWyrm

I got into an interesting debate on BoLS a couple of weeks ago, and I can't stop thinking about it. It all started with Just_Me's post on Thorianism. A sub-sect of the Inquisition's Puritan faction that's obsessed with resurrecting the Emperor so he can once again lead the Imperium.

Uberdark: the man, the mystery, the awesome(-ishness?)

by uberdark and farmpunk in white

Some of you folks will recall a sweet-looking orky army that's made it's way onto theBack40k via SandWyrm and Anonymous Foodie. We've refer to him by many names at the shop, but have referred to him as JB here on the back40k.
and in SandWyrm's Battle Report here: A fine Looking Battle

Saturday, November 20, 2010

How Many Guard Is Too Many?

by SandWyrm

With my new-found love of IG platoons, I've been pulling out a lot of models that I haven't used since I was running a mostly foot gun line. This got me to wondering... How many points of Guard do I actually have painted?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New FAQ for the 40K Rulebook!! My army just got better!

by Spaguatyrine

This came out yesterday and there are some changes that affect my army and yours!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stormtroopers Are Way Overpowered...

by SandWyrm

...In Kill-Team vs. Marines.

I've never seen the Astartes hug cover like that. :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

One marine, Two marines, Red marines, Blue marines

By TheGraveMind

I had a great game yesterday evening. My main competitor from the GP south was wanting to get a game in, and luckily I had been given the morning shift. So I got off work, showered and headed over fro a game. He has an upcoming underling expected in the next month for the family, So he is trying to get games in while he can. Sandwyrm has referred to him as Red eye I believe, I just call him My Nemesis. I think he is the only person I have not won against. We had agreed on 1,750 the night before.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Am I..."Anti Chaos Daemons"?

by Spaguatyrine

I play with 4 Chaos Daemon players in my home store alone and am I anti Daemon....? The answer is absolutely YES!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Storm raven Picture leaked?

By TheGraveMind

Now I'm not saying this is the real deal, but BOLS just dropped the news, and linked this original post.
According to them, This picture and a brief intro into painting the storm raven was put up on the official GW website, but was quickly taken down. I have yet to hear anyone else attesting to this, but this picture seems very standard GW, so I'm taking this seriously. What is everyone else's opinion on this Version of the Storm raven?

Milking the Rumor Mill

 by SandWyrm

It amazes me that people still fall for this crap.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


by Spaguatyrine

Name: Aaron
Rank: Former Cpl United States Marine Corps. (Once and Always)
Serial Number: #1

As this is my first post I will follow instructions and explain my name of "Spaguatyrine"

Tyranids at the Tourney; Battle report 1

By TheGraveMind
So by the end of three rounds, I had gone 2-1. Not bad for what I considered a sub-par list from the Tyranid codex.

New Recruit

by: farmpunk

I'm glad to announce the addition of another local Indy 40K blogger to the Back40K's fold:

Spankyourlatrine!.... errr Spunkguavataurine?!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thinking outside of T6; HQ

By TheGraveMind

Last time I covered some of the options of troops. I'll come back to other options, but lets jump to the other important FOC; Hq. I've already covered Tervigons in the troops, and that is where they should be. Don't be afraid of taking one as HQ, but don't make it your only HQ, nor your only Terv. What I'm saying is, if you want two tervigons, and think you have enough troops, then feel free to take it as a secondary Hq. The main meat of this post is going to be Alpha warriors vs Tyrants.


by SandWyrm

So I noticed today that GW updated it's 40K Tournament Circuit results. Here's how the different army books stack up as a percentage of first, second, and 3rd place winners:

Reader Question: Color Scheme For Lizardmen

by SandWyrm

Hey SandWyrm, this is Aus-Rotten from 4 Up Cover. I'm looking for a color scheme for my Lizardmen and unfortunately I am pretty fail in the painting department. I'm looking to have the Saurus and such be cool blues and the Slann to be cool greens. That's pretty much as far as I know what I want. I'm not very good at coming up with color schemes and I'm looking for some help.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hive Fleet Indy Tourney: The Armies

by SandWyrm

The Hive Fleet Indy Tourney happened today, and I'd say it was quite successful. We had 28 players, most of whom had fully painted armies to play with. It's pretty special when you get this much pretty at a competitive win/loss non-soft-score event.

My (late) halloween project, Death company

By TheGraveMind

There was a painting contest for Halloween. It was to paint a new DE warrior that the store got. So my planned Halloween model got pushed to the back burner. Well, I got second place with my DE, so I'm happy. But now back to my Halloween model. He is my custom Lemartes, Guardian of the Damned. Yes, I know he is supposed to be guardian of the lost, but here is the kicker, I'm probably using legion of the damned for my death company. He is also my Astorath the grim if I decided to use him, seeing as I would not use both characters in the same list. I'm going to attempt and paint him similar to Sandwyrm's excellent Emo-wing. I think if done right, the black and white will give him the feeling I'm hoping to convey. Maybe he'll put up a step by step sometime soon ::hint::

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Penny for the guy

By TheGraveMind

Just a reminder to remember remember the Fifth of November!

Some people may be making bonfires (which doesn't sound to bad with this near-freezing weather we have), but I am a simple person and am going to watch V for vendetta while trying to finish up my list for Tomorrow's tournament. Not sure what tournament I'm talking about, see the past five posts or so. I have 4 posts lined up that will get finished after the tourney. So Five posts counting the tournament write up.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hive Fleet Indy Tourney Changes

by SandWyrm

Just got this from Aaron (Spanguatyrine):
Due to the overwhelming response to the tournament and potetially 28 players(27 are signed up now), we have decided to add a 4th round playoff round for the top 4 undefeated players. The prizes have been modified to include:

What We Had Here, Was A Failure To Communicate

by SandWyrm

So yesterday, Cool Hand Foodie and I threw down. I brought my Mech IG, and he brought a Dark Eldar army based on the new codex.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hive Fleet Indy Tournament Update

by SandWyrm

I received this email update tonight from Aaron on the upcoming Hive Fleet Indy Tourney:

If you want to update your blog, we are up to 24 players for Saturday and have extended the field to 28. This is definitely going to feel like a mini-GT with nearly 30 players.  Even Carlos is traveling down to take care of business. So far I am aware of players from every Game Preserve, Saltire, and a few independents.  FYI.


Sounds like it's going to be quite the event. Must... Finish... Painting...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dark Eldar vs Tyranids

By TheGraveMind
I had my very first game against dark eldar yesterday. The internet will tell you that it is a bad match up for Tyranids. Well for once the internet is right. The local Eldar player was like, "My strategy is to ram their vehicles, and use Star engines. What is yours?" Well... mine is to do the picture. My army goes belly up. The strategy part is to try and not do it too quickly. I had a rough weekend, so I didn't remember to take to many pictures, but here goes.

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