Wednesday, February 24, 2010

composition scores and penalizing play

by: farmpunk

 Arguments for and against composition scoring in 40K tournaments are abound. Some places handicap 'hard' armies, by putting all armies in Leg braces and crutches. Composition is 'supposed' to encourage people to bring varied lists, encourage a fairer playing field for all players, and make it easier to really see who is the best general.

I don't think Composition scoring is necessary. But if you are going to do it, there are some better ways to approach it then others.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BMG Tourney: Game Three

by SandWyrm


Now that I'd vanquished both the Nids and the IG with my combination of generalship and high comp scores, I prepared for my third and final game. At this point, I had a perfect 100 points for the first 2 games. So nothing short of a loss by massacre was going to keep me from making the top 3.

Monday, February 22, 2010

BMG Tourney: Game Two

by SandWyrm

In my last post, I described my first BMG tourney game against the new Nids, where their lack of effective (and durable) anti-tank (due to the Comp Rules) hurt them badly, giving me a perfect 50 points for the first battle. Now as I prepared for my second battle, I saw that I'd be facing another Mech IG list. Hmmnnn... I thought. This could be interesting.

BMG Tourney: Game One

by SandWyrm

Now that we've discussed BMG's Comp system and our lists, let's talk about the actual battles that I played. 

Soft-score issues aside, it was a very nice tourney to play in. The players were all very good sports and I had zero sportsmanship issues with any of my opponents. Everyone was extremely relaxed, and I even found myself trading advice with my opponents in a couple of the games. (more...)

COMPetitive Play? Part II

by SandWyrm and Farmpunk


SandWyrm here. So, having already covered the details of the BMG Comp system from the tourney this past weekend, here's how easily a new codex like the IG can get around such systems. (More...)

Burn The Filthy Xenos Scum!

by SandWyrm

Hehe, looks like I won this month's themed army list challenge on Warpstone Flux. Farmpunk turned me on to that site after he won last month's challenge.

The theme was: You've just landed on an Eldar Craftworld, they're taken by surprise and have no heavies!

"Burn Them!", I said. My list is in the comments of the original challenge post.

COMPetitive Play? Part I

by SandWyrm

Before I write up my game reports from the BMG tourney, I thought that I ought to first discuss the comp system that BlueMoon was using. As it had a definate impact on my, and others, tourney results. But not in the way you might think. (more...)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blue Moon Games Tourney Pics

by SandWyrm


Man I'm tired. 

Farmpunk and I went down to Blue Moon Games today to play in their first 1750 tourney. It was a comp-heavy event meant to cater more to the hobby side of things. Which is why my army (above) looks a bit different, composition-wise, than usual. I'll write up my games later this week, but I figured I'd first share some pics of the armies people brought along. (more...)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fear the shadows, not for what they are, but for what they hide - Troops

 by: Anonymous Foodie


Greetings prey-things, from the Kabal of the Twilight Wraith.

We come before you today to enlighten the lesser races of the glory that is the Dark Eldar Race, the True Kin of the Eldar, and Rightful Owners of the known universe.

In short, a collection of my rants and ramblings about the various units in the Dark Eldar Codex and their place in lists and on the battlefield. (more...)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Battle Report: Drow, Drow, Drow, Your Raider...

by SandWyrm

Man... I had the shakes. Almost three weeks had gone by without a game. First the South Store was closed because Buckler had food poisoning (On the same night as the Super Bowl playoffs... hmmnnn...). Then I got sick with the Flu for the third(!) time this winter. 

So I was REALLY happy to finally get a chance to go down to the New North Store on Wednesday with Farmpunk. Turnout was pretty good considering the recent move. We had 6 people total, 4 of whom ended up playing. Farmpunk got to play the new 'Nids, while I got to play some Dark Eldar. (more...)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Finding that perfect fit.

 By: farmpunk

How do you pick the best army for you to play?

There are 13 armies, I believe 16 codexes (I loose count), and variations in each codex. Especially the newer codexes, The IG codex alone can generate so many different TYPES of lists...

How do you pick when you're starting out? Chambers had me hooked after I'd played Dawn of War, and then played 10 Tac marines vs. 10 Tac Marines. I've gotten guys hooked on IG platoon squad vs. IG platoon squad. (more...)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So Many targets, so few shots... revisited

By: farmpunk

About a year ago I wrote an article with a very similar title about an Army concept I had come up with in 4th ed. I play primarially WitchHunters. Back in 4th ed, Mechanized was about the only way to go with them. In fact, it still is for WH, IMHO. Especially with the benefits the new rules give Armor.(more...)

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