Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NOVA: Sandwyrm's Games Part I

by SandWyrm

Ok, let's do a quick rundown of my NOVA games and then we can discuss what worked in my list and what didn't.

NOVA : Thank you.

by: farmpunk

So I think I've recovered from most of my sleep deprivation. Another good night's sleep tonight and I think I'll be back to normal. Overall, I had a great time.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NOVA: The Tables

by SandWyrm

Here's what the tables at the NOVA Open 2011 looked like before the Invitational games. As in, nobody had yet moved the terrain pieces on the tables around to accommodate their display boards.

'Ard Boys : Chambers' Game 3

by: Chambers

Hard Boys 2011 Game Three : Barking up the wrong tree

SandWyrm Finally Gets An iPhone

by SandWyrm

Wish I'd had this thing at NOVA. It's easy to type on, and it even has a blogger app. Much easier than pulling out the laptop between games. :)

-Posted from my iPhone

'Ard Boys : Chambers' game 2

by: Chambers

Hard Boys 2011 Game Two: the Green Tide Boogaloo

'Ard Boys : Chambers games 1

by: Chambers

Hard Boys 2011 Game One

 In the Grimdark future, Yellow is the new Black (or Red)....                                                                                                   

Saturday, August 27, 2011

NOVA Open: Yeah, I Brought The Wrong Army/Codex To This Tourney

by SandWyrm

Yeah, I brought the wrong army to this tourney. I currently have 1 (very narrow) win and 3 losses. Farmpunk has 3 wins. Spag has 4.

NOVA Open: I Suck

by SandWyrm

Spag's Wolves and Farmpunk's GKs are winning, while my IG have lost 2 games.

Lost the first one to Tyrannids. Only played 4 turns (grr), and it went to tertiary; where he won it by a 25 VP margin in one table quarter.

2nd loss was to Tau in a spearhead game. Stole the initiative and it looked good for a while, but then it fell apart in turn 4 when I couldn't hit/wound anything and my Chimeras all immobilized themselves on the poorly arranged terrain (my opponent and I both hated it) in such a way that I couldn't disembark in the direction I needed to.

(sigh) Six games to go...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Spag Loses... AND WINS!!!

by SandWyrm

Spag came in 2nd for best general. But took Best Overall (Painting + Generalship) for a $1000 prize!

You should see his face. :)

Invitational: Round 4

by SandWyrm

Spag triumphed (closely) over the Leafblower that knocked off Dash. He's playing Nic Nanavati's Grey Knights for first place in the final round. You can follow the game live on U-Stream right now.

Stelek moved up a few tables, so I think he won. :)

Invitational: Round 3

by SandWyrm

Spag just won a close game against a Deathwing list. The guy was complaining about how long it took to kill all of Spag's Thunderwolves. Sound familiar? :P

Stelek just lost his 2nd game; this time against Timmay, who was running a similar Space Wolf list to Stelek's. Both blamed below average rolling on Stelek's part and damned awesome rolling on Timmay's part.

Dash of Pepper's Dark Eldar just got their first loss, to a Darkwynn-standard Guard Leafblower.

By the way, Stelek just walked by and called me a horrible person for blogging this. ;)

Invitational: Round 2

by SandWyrm

Spag beat up a Loganwing army. Vince won over Blood Angels.

Invitational: Round One

by SandWyrm

Spag won his game.

Stelek lost to Dash of Pepper's Dark Eldar.

One of the guys I was judging was found to have an over-point list and chose to forfeit the game rather than lose that unit for the rest of the tourney.

NOVA: Whiskey Night Fights

by SandWyrm

Got about 15 minutes before Farmpunk and I have to go be judges for the invitational. So I'll be quick.

Spag's Wolves spanked Fearspect's IG pretty soundly. There weren't a whole lot of Guard left on the table.

Fritz didn't show because of a family emergency. So after some scrambling I ended up playing an IG guy named Vince with a Dual-Manticore Leafblower (yes an actual one) variant. I don't know Vince's history apart from the fact that he posts on Dakka and qualified for the invitational, but we tied on table quarters and kill points before I beat him on the tertiary. Good game! I need to get pics of his KV-ish Manticore conversions.

Farmpunk didn't play as he was busy basing his GKs. He even got a lot of complements on his painting and flocking.

Huh? :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NOVA Livestream

by: farmpunk

Thanks to the gents over at 11th Company Podcast, a livestream is available for people to peruse all NOVA weekend. I believe SandWyrm is planning on bringing his Banana Jr. 6000 along with him, so we'll get some blog updates up about the goings ons.

Stay Tuned here and around the blog-o-blag for NOVA happenings, True Believers!


by SandWyrm

Finished and ready to pack!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What is he DOING?!??

by: farmpunk

Mrs. farmpunk isn't sure who this crazed man is, painting dollies, no less. She only understands that there must be a deadline approaching to see so much productivity.

What Would Glen Beck Say?

by SandWyrm

Whew! Brushwork and basing is done for NOVA. There's still a few things left to do, but the end is in sight!

Oh, and in case you missed it: GW has quietly disclosed on their investor relations website that George Soros now owns 3.39% of their shares as of August 4th. Making him GW's 7th largest investor. Here's a past list of the other six. Nomad Investments, that mysterious Cayman Island based corporation, still owns most of our favorite hobby company, by far.

NOVA: farmpunk's Final List

by: farmpunk

After wrangling and stewing for entirely too long (at least a week) I settled on something I think might be fun to play. It's probably more aggressive than I typically build, but the Purifiers can handle aggressive much better than the Sisters ever could.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Nova Open: Thursday Night Game with Spaguatyrine?

by Spaguatyrine

So there is some open gaming on Thursday night at the NOVA, and I would love to get in game. Anyone in?  I can play Space Wolves or Grey Knights.

NOVA: SandWyrm's Final List

by SandWyrm

After some tweaks following my 2.5 test games on Saturday, here's the final version of my NOVA list.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Guest Post: Why I Love WarMachine

by Rionnay

So I’ve been a 40k player for almost 3 years, not a long time in 40k terms but long enough to say I’ve been around the block. However, recently GW has really been throwing us all curve balls so I began to think outside the box. I started looking for a new game back last September and found Warmachine/Hordes.

I Really Marder-ed Them Tonight

by SandWyrm

Just got 8 kills with my Marder II in World of Tanks! My previous record was 7.

Got my Panther yesterday, but I haven't mastered it yet. Still working on getting the upgraded turret that unlocks the best guns.

Friday, August 19, 2011

List Question: 2K IG For Tacticon

by SandWyrm

Dennis Writes:
I’ve got a 2000 point tourney coming up and it occurred to me that the list that I’m taking is somewhat similar to your most recent one. I’d be curious to get your take on this one.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another Possible IG List For NOVA

by SandWyrm

Taking into account the feedback that I got on my last list, here's another possibility that's more optimized for the 24" game. Using stuff I have that can realistically be painted in time.

Apple Mothership To Launch In 2015

by SandWyrm

This has nothing to do with 40K, unless you think Steve Jobs might be building a golden throne to sit on. But it is pretty interesting. The rendering above is of the new corporate headquarters that Apple is building in Cupertino, CA. It should launch be ready in 2015.

Ard Boyz in Indy

by Spaguatyrine

Congrats to the winners of all the 'Ard Boys tournies.  Some of the indy winners include....

Saturday, August 13, 2011


by SandWyrm

So there I was in bed this morning, well rested (for once) and about to get up and pack my army for 'Ard Boyz, when Arthur, my 4 year old, comes in to say good morning.

BLOG WAR: I Have a NOVA Nemesis!

by SandWyrm

MVB is pairing up bloggers for the 'Whiskey Challenge' NOVA pre-game show. So who will be my nemesis-slash-drinking-buddy that night? Eh. Some loser named Fritz from "Way of Same Ham" or something Eldar and fruity like that. You may have heard of him. ;)

Friday, August 12, 2011

My 'I Hate Thunderwolves' List

by SandWyrm


As regular readers of the blog know, I've been flummoxed on how to beat Spag's Space Wolves with my Guard. While his Thunderwolves aren't that big a deal for my Blood Angels (or even Tyranids) to kill, they're a real hell for my IG to deal with. Toughness 5, stormshields, unique equipment, and huge cover-touching bases make them VERY resilient to ranged fire. Like Nob Bikers on steroids. While their cavalry status gives them the ability to hop out of cover in the movement phase, run, and then assault up to 12" in a wide arc that can easily hit 2-3 tanks at once.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gaming in Evansville, Indiana

by Spaguatyrine

Well it is almost official:  I am being offered a promotion to re-locate to Evansville, Indiana.  I have met some of the gamers who have came up to Indianapolis...

Rumors From The Salt Mine

by SandWyrm

BoLS posted a bunch of rumors from their lounge earlier today. I'm not going to repeat them here in their entirety, but there are a few things that I think are worth commenting on.

Warpath: Can He Turn His Head?

by SandWyrm

Cribbed this pic of a Forge Father from Beasts of War.

Well, it's a poorly painted dwarf in power armor. Buy 10 and stick the melta/plasma/missile weapon tip of choice on the end of the generic gun-o-doom. Boom! Instant Marines.

It's not awful, but it's not uber-inspiring either. Hopefully we'll see some more distinctive models soon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Enhanced Gun Laying Drives? SO Worth It!!!

by SandWyrm

So maybe you were thinking, like me, that an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive wouldn't add that much to your aiming speed. I mean, the Shell Rammer helps with the load times, but it's not OMG amazing.

Well, the EGLD is. Because it lets you fire on the move. My Tiger can now pop out from behind cover and hit you with maximum accuracy right away, instead of having to wait a second or two. If I move at half speed, I never lose accuracy at all unless I turn the body of the tank. That's pretty cool!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011

GW Dwarf Wizards (and other cool stuff) For Sale!

by SandWyrm

As part 2 of OPERATION: PAY FOR NOVA, I'm putting some more of my unused mini collection up on eBay. Including the extremely rare GW Dwarf Wizards above. Yes, they're official GW minis from the mid 1980's. And yes, that one on the left is talking to his pet frog. :)

Check 'em out!

The Bugs Are 'Ard

By TheGraveMind

Is it bad that Lolspiders gives me joy?
No I will not be taking Tyranids to Ard Boyz, I'm taking my Blood angels. But seeing as I've been trying to play the tyranids more casually, I thought about what list I would take if I took them.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is It Time To Worry Yet?

by SandWyrm

Ok, it's finally time for me to admit something that I've been avoiding talking about for a while. Which is the the creeping realization that 40K is starting to get as unbalanced as Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Even amongst the newest 5th Edition Codices.

Now that I have your attention....

by SandWyrm

Ok, it can't be just me that can't find ANY sort of useful schedule of events on the Gencon website. How am I supposed to decide if I want to go if I can't see a list of classes/talks? Does anyone here have access to that info?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fun Thunderwolf List for Ardz Boyz!

by Spaguatyrine

Thunderwolves HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A fun thought for Ard Boys. What do you think?

Is This The Future Of Tabletop Wargaming?

by SandWyrm

A friend of mine took this photo at our local Indianapolis 3D User Group meeting last week. You're looking at a holographic 3D print of a 3D rendered church. In full color. Viewable from any angle. Without any special glasses required. The whole thing is less than a quarter of an inch thick.

Serial Vs. Parallel Dice Rolling

by SandWyrm

Mike Brandt wrote something yesterday as a comment to my post on dice over-rolling in 40K that I thought deserved a detailed reply. Since he's made the same comment before when I was discussing the Random-ness of Orks. Where I think that he is confusing the benefits of rolling dice in Parallel (all together at once) with rolling dice in Series (one after the other).

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