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A great blog is nothing without strong opinions on the games we play. Here's a collection of our best opinion pieces. Enjoy! -SW

Sun Tsu And The Art Of Stupid
Why It's Good To Lose Games
Contemplations On The BoLS Divide
A Question Of Focus
WAAC vs. Competitive
Should GW Open-Source 40K?
The Rules That Divide Us
Something My Teacher Once Told Me
The Good, The Bad, And The Difficult
The Enduring Parking Lot Math-Hammer Mentality
It's Not The Edition, It's The Variety
40K Seems So... Weird Now
Does 40K Have Too Many Actors?

"Pew!" vs. "BANG! BANG!"
What Are The Odds?
Why Snipers Aren't Competitive
How Sharp Is Your Razorback?
Vendetta With Heavy Bolters vs. Vehicles
Who Really Benefits From 'Feel No Pain'?
Why Do We Roll So Many Dice In 40K?
Serial vs. Parallel Dice Rolling

Tournaments And Comp:
COMPetitive Play: Part 1
COMPetitive Play: Part 2
Composition Scores And Penalizing Play
Why Battlepoints Are Gimping Your Tournaments
The Top 12 Misconceptions About Win/Loss Tourneys: Part I
The Top 12 Misconceptions About Win/Loss Tourneys: Part II
Does Win/Loss Really Encourage WAAC?
What I Want In Tourneys

GW Criticism:
Help! Kirby Is Eating Our Hobby!
An Open Letter To GW
Who Owns Games Workshop?

Cost Of The Hobby:

What Does A Competitive Guard Army Cost?
What Does A Competitive Army Cost? - Revisited
The High Price Of Being Evil

Be Excellent To Each Other

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