Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stelek and Spaguatyrine at Nova

By Spaguatyrine

So here is my shameless plug of me and Stelek at Nova.   Man look at that sexy beast!!!! On the right of course!!! Wanting to talk with Stelek about our different approaches to Space Wolves.........

We didn't get to talk much about Space Wolves because we never were at the same table levels.  Uhm!!

That being said, I still think my space wolves concept is better! Why waste great combat units on just shooting.

We did get to talk over 100 wings I bought after the invitational after getting the best overall prize money.  I was feeling happy and agreed to pay for wings for Fearspect, Sandwrym, Farmpunk, Stelek, and myself.  I will say he was a blast to hangout with at BW3 but I didn't get the chance to see him on the tables.  

All this talk about bad attitudes, and douchebags is non-sense.  All this complaining about Dash of Pepper and Stelek just needs to go away.  I only had 1 real douchebag that finally shut his mouth after I started punking him on turn 4 out of 14 games.  Nova was a grand tournament with 200+ people.  We sould expect some of those type players, but to say that a large amount of players didn't have a great time because of terrain, or WAAC behavior was not what I observed at all.  Dash and Stelek were both fine when it comes to attitudes as I saw it.

It was a great event that we in Indianapolis hope to start building to with some changes. Of course, everyone can do something better. Hindsight is 20/20.  As a community hopefully we will all learn from our experiences and find ways to not make the same mistakes and get better at everything we do.  Right?

Great Job Mike Brandt and team!  There are always ways to improve. Thanks for setting a high bar!

To Stelek, thanks for the picture and hanging with the back40k crew.  Now why don't you FREEKING answer my pm's on your forum. Guess you are too good for some people.  LOL!




  1. If it helps I am too good for you as well.

  2. Until I crush you next weekend!!!!

  3. Heh, he's probably fun/nice enough to hang out with outside the game itself. I played him though, and had a distinctly unpleasant time. Won't rant here, just want to throw it out there - it was one of the two games (of my 14) that I didn't enjoy at all. I'll have a series of "minireps" up in a few days on my own blog to whine about it more, if interested :-p

    He gave me a "1" on sportsmanship too. Lol. Maybe he was just tired and grumpy by the time Game 5 at the Invitationals came around. /shrug

  4. Stelek sucks balls. He is also a liar.

    1. He does lie, that is true. But he's not a bad player.

  5. OK,

    Well he says he is buying my dinner this year so we will see. We will see how things are this year with 6th. I am unusually apprehensive as I haven't had a lot of time to play and have had to change my gaming style to fit 6th.

    Stelek did drop from the invitational tho. It will be fun.

    What's up Brian?


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