Sunday, July 10, 2016

Oopsie! Posted Those To The Wrong Blog...

by SandWyrm

Oh well, I'll let them stay here and link over from the WarStrike Blog.

Preliminary WarStrike Test Units

Here's the Fallen/Republic units that I've worked up for testing. There's no points value for balancing yet, and you can pretty much just pick what you want (and even double up if you wish). For our demo game on Saturday each side took 5 units including their officers (those entries have rank insignias in the upper-right).

New Quick Reference Guide

It's been a month of craziness, what with Cub Scout camps, a family wedding, and my 3rd Sinus surgery just this past week. But I did get to meet (thanks to Farmpunk) a cool guy named Stephen McCormick who's just moved to Indy, and who's already started a miniature game company with some of his friends from various parts of Indiana and Illinois.

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