Monday, April 30, 2012

Adepticon Review: The Great, Ok, and UGLY!!

By Spaguatyrine

So a week after I took the 3 hour drive south to Indianapolis and have come down from the Adepticon high I want to give my review of the 10th Anniversary of Adepticon and my first visit t the windy city.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Adepticon Team Tourney Champ Pictures

By Spaguatyrine

So here are the Pictures and army list from 'They Shall Know Fear', winners of the Adepticon Team Tournament 2012.  The leader of the team ......

Magic the Car Salesman

by: Uberdar

Ok guys.  We need some help for the ol' Gamer DMZ in Kokomo.  They are working hard to win back fans and people to show up to the store.  This weekend they are having a Magic: The Gathering Avacyn Restored Pre-release party.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Adepticon: Spag's Team Wins!!!

by SandWyrm

Team 'And They Shall Know No Fear', which includes The Back 40K's own Spaguatyrine, has just reported that they won the team championships at Adepticon! In which a massive 464 players competed for the top prize! Not only that, but they had the highest score for 'Tactician' as well!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

FoW: The Battle Of El Sodor-mein

by SandWyrm

A couple of weeks ago Farmpunk and I had a Flames of War Battle down in the Man-Cave. We were a little sick of the same old hills/trees/rocks thing that we'd been doing for terrain up to that point. So we um... appropriated some of my kids' train toys to help re-create the famous battle between Patton and Rommel at the port of El Alamein. ;)

Some new confidence.

By TheGraveMind

Firstly I want to say good luck to everyone who is going to Adepticon this weekend. I hope you all have a lot of fun!

After almost a month sitting on the side lines, doing a little painting and a few casual games, it seems I'm finally getting my feet back in the game....competitively.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Do Like 40k, I Swear!

By Outremer

Sorry, couldn't find any cheerleaders. . . but I do love 40k!  I've spent the last couple days slaving over the following to prove it!

I Actually Like 40K! No You Don't!

By Spaguatyrine

That is right! I love playing Warhammer 40k.  The problem is......

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ensuring Honest Rolling (Or... The Geek That Kicked The Hornets' Nest) - Updated

by SandWyrm

I've just spent most of the day writing up proper dice rules for The M42 Project. Once I'd finished the how-to-roll-2D6 nonsense, I realized that games like 40K, Warpath, and Flames should really include a few pages of rules on what sorts of dice are legal to use in a competitive game. It would solve a lot of problems! So here's my anti-cheating rules. Let me know what you think!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Apocalypse And Plague Tower Insanity!

By Outremer

Enjoyed some more Apocalypse craziness this past weekend at games to die for.  Here are some pic's of the game and a few progress shots of the paint on my plague tower!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Getting Ready For Adepticon: Wolves Or Knights?

by Spaguatyrine

So Adepticon is less than a week away and I am second guessing my army list.   My original thought was space wolves as they are my best army overall at this point.   I also hadn't played in nearly three months until this past Saturday........................

Friday, April 13, 2012

Upcoming Indy Event - 1500 pt 40k Tournament

By: Wineas

If you're like me, you went to register for Adepticon, only to find that every event you wanted to sign up for was already sold out.  Rather than drive to Chicago and pay to stay in some stranger's bed, I'm staying home and running a tournament right here in my back yard (That's not completely true.  It's in a store.  The store is close to my back yard, though).   If you're free, and want to get your 40k-on, come to Indianapolis and play with us!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh The Stories We Could Tell.

By TheGraveMind

I never really gotten burned out from playing 40k. I know a lot of people after a Saturday tournament don't want to play a pick up game on sunday. I've never had that feeling of, "I've had enough/too much". After the Indy GT is the closest I've gotten. I was working on projects and exams up until 2pm friday. I then went home and started painting my army for 12 hours straight. I actually ended up getting sick after the first day and not going to the second day. (might have something to do with getting a total of like 12 hours of sleep for the entire week leading up to it). Since then I've been working on a couple little painting projects here and there, and playing some more casual games. And that is where this story begins....

The Indy Open: Full Results Spreadsheets

by SandWyrm

Houston, we've had a problem...

Hey! Another Midwest GT!!!

by SandWyrm

Tomb King has asked us to mention his upcoming 40K GT in Missouri. Go Midwest events! We need more than just Adepticon. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Paints, Quick Review.

By TheGraveMind

So Real Life has been kicking my tush as of late, what little free time I've had has been spent hobbying and very little gaming (but that is another post on its way). I did manage to make to the store and grabbed a few of the new paints. Here is my brief review from an amateur painter's perspective.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Anaphelactic Shock And Pre-Heresy Fun!

By Outremer

My Heresy era Death guard.

Scratch Built Vindicators And My Rusty Bumper Issues. . .

By Outremer

My trio of Scratchbuilt Vindicators.

Moving Away From Melta Everywhere

by SandWyrm

This is something that I just posted to The M42 Project, but which I thought would be of interest over here on TB40K as well. One of our readers asked how, with melta so required now to counter tanks, that we might diversify the various factions more. My answer is to change the basic mechanics of the game so that melta is beneficial, but not required.

What's the only thing better than a Nurgle Dreadnought?

By Outremer

Why. . . another Nurgle Dreadnought of course!

Plague Marines!

By Outremer

The meat and potatoes of my army. . . Er, the necrotic flesh and putrid blood of my army.

Nurgle sorcerer: Takes one and two!

By Outremer

My Nurgle sorcerer. . . Nurgle gives you wheels!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Daemon Prince: Now With Extra Manky Stuff!

by Outremer

Here's some pictures of my Daemon Prince!

Something Wicked (And Extra Squishy. . . ) This Way Comes

by Outremer

Guess I'll start by adding some pic's of my army.

Nurgley goodness for all to enjoy!  Just try not to step in any puddles. . . .

My Name Is. . .

by Outremer

Wow. . .  I send an email asking the Back 40k guys to trade links to my new blog and I get invited to join the crew. . . been an interesting day! 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The New GW Paints: Worth It?

by SandWyrm

I'm going to throw an open question out there for TB40K community. How are you liking the new GW paints?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Better Way To Communicate About Miniature Wargaming?

by CaulynDarr

If you are reading this, I'll assume you know how we communicate within the the 40K community and the miniature gaming community at large.

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