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by SandWyrm

Here are some quick links to my best articles on color theory. Enjoy!

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Start here, these articles will give you a basis for thinking about the color choices you make when painting your miniatures:
A Little Color Theory, Part I
A Little Color Theory, Part II
We then move on to color combinations and interactions:
A Little Color Theory, Part III
Here, I map out all of the Citadel Color paints to the Hue wheel I use (image above):
Reader Question: Color Theory and Citadel Paints
Here, we try out some different color combinations on a Tau Battle Suit:
Color Question: Tau Battle Suits
And here I discuss color isolation and how to avoid it.
Color Question: Tau II, Electric Bluegaloo


  1. 7 years old, and still one of the best guides I have read. :-)

  2. 2018 and this is the first thing I read that actually made sense for a total noob like me. I wish a vallejo color wheel (like the citadel o e) existed as well. Thanks for these!


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