Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Games Workshop's Problems: LEGO has been there.

by SandWyrm

Many people have noted interesting parallels between the business models of Games Workshop and LEGO. But did you know that LEGO almost went bankrupt a decade ago, and for many of the same reasons that Games Workshop is struggling now? How did they turn it around? They re-connected with their fans.

GW Half-Year Financials: More Of The Same

by SandWyrm

The GW Half-Year numbers are out. The company is still bleeding revenue and profits, though not as badly as they were in June. GW's new CEO, Kevin Roundtree, can at least be given credit for clearly breaking out the numbers for Independent (Trade) Store Sales, GW Retail Sales, and GW Website (Mail Order) Sales. Which are interesting to finally see.

Very Cool Aircraft Concept

by SandWyrm

Got this from the Conceptships Blog after seeing it elsewhere. Is it practical? Maybe not, but it's 100x cooler than any other Sci-Fi aircraft I've seen. Were I a large multi-national games model company, I'd be very keen on producing kits for something similar to this.

More pics follow...

Friday, January 9, 2015

9th Edition WHFB Preview

by SandWyrm

The Old World hath been torn asunder by the End Times Apocalypse. All that remains is bubbles of chaos-contaminated reality that collide with one another in the aether of what was. Some of which are groovier than others. :)

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