Friday, October 30, 2009

Off to War in the Man Cave

by SandWyrm

It's been a bit odd this week. What with the tourney being over and me going "now what?". I've got modeling/painting projects to do, but after 3 weeks of working like mad to get ready for the tourney, I'm just not in the mood to sit down at the work table. "MMMMMMeh..." would sum it up nicely.

Hard to leave home without it.

by Farmpunk

For each of my Armies, WH, DH, and IG, each has it's own toy that's not required, but is oh so good, and I have a hard time not taking it.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

... sometimes the Bear gets YOU.

By farmpunk

The Oct Fireteam Nova Tourney was well run and most of the guys were great. I have a good time when I go to their tourneys. Part of it is getting to harass Buckler and BlueMoon.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Tallarn 13th Company...PAINTED!!!

by SandWyrm

Anybody remember the 1500 point army shown in the picture above? That was the Tallarn 13th company back in March when I first posted for the Back 40K. It's hard to believe what a difference just 8 months and a new codex can make. In that time, I've gone from a 1/3 unpainted infantry gun line to a fully painted mechanized force that, oddly, fits the Tallarn fluff better than the old one did.

Help Request: 1000 Pts. IG Mech

Daryl wrote:

Hey, im starting up an IG list (currently at around 100 points :S) but I am looking for your help on making a fully mechanized IG list.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Duck... Duck... GOOSE EGG!!!

Farmpunk and I went down to the FLGS-South for the tourney on Saturday. I came away with 2 draws (11 and 12 pts each) and a massacred loss (the goose-egg zero), while Farmpunk got a Major Loss, a Major victory, and a massacred loss. I came in 11th of 17 overall, while Farmpunk was probably 8th or 9th.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Going back to the front

By farmpunk

WOO! Flame tanks! It's Tourney Time again!

It's time for the FireTeam Nova tourney, part3. Sandwyrm and I went WAY back in June to the part2 of the 4 tourneys. (Part4 is supposed to be invite to the top placers and point accumulators in the first 3 tournaments).

This time we've learned a little about what gets scored positively, and what's frowned upon. (like filling a Force Org slot disallows some points) Which means my WH list with cannoness and DH Inq. Lord are out, which is too bad. I like him for psychic hood and anti-Deepstrike (not that I really faced either last time)

Sandwyrm's trying to come up with a beautiful fully painted and flocked force to bring to the table (being a professional artist and all...) I'm trying to gather something I think will be effective and novel that I have all the models for. (which I still need a few SoB's with Meltas. I have 4, but need 1-2 more... what SoB player doesn't?) Then I want to get everything to 3 color table standard.

I've toyed with triple raider DH lists of fun, KP denial, and AV14 troop carriers parked on objectives, but I don't think that's gonna be a lotta fun.
I toyed with going all-out gunline IG, and a few elements with assault weapons to make mad dashes for objectives, or Double Russ and Chimelta vet with allied GK's and SoB's fun.
I always come back to my first love...

Sisters, and the pretty cool exorcist tank. It looks impressive, but I also kind of like the random pelting of high Str, low AP rockets at things. Monst. Creatures? YUM! Transports? YUM! Termies? Independant Character Supermen? YUM YUM!

I also like Sisters of Battle, and am used to playing them with my reactive playstyle. Enough mobility, and enough punch when they really need it. Add in some new IG elements, and I think I've got a flexible and fun force to play with.

I'm sure SandWyrm and I will both have upcoming tourney reports, and battle reports. I know it's been kinda thin lately on Battle reports. Not a lot of new people at the FLGS, with all the kids going back to college, and school. Sandwyrm and I have bloodied each other's noses a few times, but our last few games have been fairly similar, with the exception of each of us trying out a new idea each time. (like infantry platoons w/comissar)

so stay tuned! between the Hflamers on Chimeras, and TL Hflamer Immos, there's bound to be some burnination incoming!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The wave of men

Time and Again, 40K players like to try something 'new'. I've been toying with new ideas for WH with inducted IG...

I looked through my boxes of 40K stuff, and came up with an inventory of IG Heavy Weapons:
9 Lascannons (with 2-3 more I can assemble)
10 Missile Launchers (with 2 more I can assemble)
6 Autocannons
5 Heavy Bolters
2 mortars (with I think 7 more I can assemble)

so.. that's a lotta oomph! I've got sitting in the bin not really getting used.

Then I get that old itch to try 5th ed Gunline Guard again. I'm toying with platoons with 3 Squads, each with Missile Launcher / Grenade Launcher. Sure, I know it was a better combo before the new 'dex was released, but I want to try the dual threat weapons in my line squads. Then I'm going to put a powerfist Comissar in there, to make 'em stay put, and give the unit CC threat.

The Platoon Command squads will probably get 3-4 flamers, and wait to counter-charge. I have a lot of Praetorian flamers I'm not sure what to do with.

so those 2 platoons come out moderately priced, and still leave a lot of room... FOR HEAVY WEAPON TEAMS...

and 2 Co Com's to give orders.

I'm going to hash out my ideas today.

I still really WANT to use Al 'Raheem. fire Hweapons and then run? doesn't sound too bad to me.

I'd like to use Harker too. I like the idea of a man in the backfield, with a team of meanies.

I'll prob. use Marbo. for a nice Demo charge suprise.

I might even try Kell. to help with giving orders, but I think I can do better with perhaps a WH Celestian Squad with a Book of St. Lucius and a Hbolter in the backfield to boost my Heavy Weapons teams morale.

I'd like for this to be a NO TANKS army. Maybe a couple of colossus mortars. maybe Sentinels.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

For the Greater "Umm, Umm, Good!"

I'm thinking of starting a new 40K army.

I love my Tallarns, don't get me wrong. But as I get closer to having 1500 pts. of fully painted IG, I'm starting to feel a little... restless. My IG are cool, and they win games, but I want to play something else from time to time. And I figure that by January, most of my major IG conversions and painting work will be done. So that would be a good time to start fiddling around with something different.

What might my next army be? I have a short list of the ones I've always wanted to do.

Candidate #1: Thousand Sons

I've always wanted a Tzeentch army. In fact, I used to have a half-painted Lord of Change before I lost it somewhere in the 3 moves I've done since I lived on the West Coast.

Problem is, there's no Thousand Sons codex. And the only way to do a competitive Chaos build with the current codex is to take troops from all of the Gods instead of just one. In fact, there's really only one competitive Chaos build that I ever see anyone take. And I'm not scared of it at all. Oh well.

Candidate #3: Tyrannids

Hey now, here's an army that has a new codex coming out in February. It's even being written by Robin Cruddice, who did such a good job on the Imperial Guard codex. Might I start collecting a bug force? Time to crack open the current book and... hmmnnn...

The models are cool. And the painting would be easy. But I just can't get into them. There's all these confusing mutations and what-not going on. And well... I just can't make myself read very much of it.

There's also the fact that I can't see the army being anything other than a charge-in-headfirst-and-kill-em list, like Orks. And I've got a very similar play style going on with my Chimelta-based IG already. Maybe Robin will change my mind this Winter, but for now I'll give the bugs a pass.

That leaves the final candidate in my suddenly all-too apparent 'T' fetish...

Candidate 3: Tau

Yep, the Tau. They originally came out about 6 months after I started collecting IG, and I've always had a thing for the cool look of their hover tank and Fire Warrior models. Both of the Codexes I have for them are interesting enough to read cover-to-cover, and a few days of hanging out on the Tau forum over at Librarium Online reveals that, personality-wise, I'd fit in just fine, maybe even better than I do with IG. And the play style I'd favor with them would allow me to play in a more Air/Water fashion, where I use infiltrators and other blockers to disrupt and delay the enemy while I blow out their kneecaps from afar. Cool stuff.

Only one problem though. I HATE the faces and hooves of the Tau. Can't stand them at all. They remind me of the Trade Federation aliens in the Star Wars prequels, and that is *not* a good thing!

So... how to make this work? I know! I'll convert them into advanced humans!

Really, it wouldn't be that hard. But how would I paint them? Hehe... try this:

or this:

If you're under 35, these images may make zero sense to you. But it's from a miniseries called "V" that came out in 1983, back when I was a kid and people still respected reporters enough to make them heros in action movies. :)

Anyhow, V is about a bunch of reptilian aliens that come to earth to steal our water and ship our families back home as food, mixed with a lot of cool allegory about the rise of Nazism (Go look at their symbol up top again.). It was also campy as hell and a lot of fun.

And hey, it fits the fluff of the Tau! I mean you have all this "greater good" nonsense they spout all the time, but they really just want your water and some kiddies to snack on. Plus I figure I could paint them in just a couple of weeks. Spray-paint red, paint armor black, paint faces and hair, wash with minwax and done. The tanks would be easy too, as all of their spaceships were white. Just spray, wash, and add a couple of detail colors. :)

I figure I could also proxy a bunch of "real" IG humans in the more khaki colored visitor-youth uniforms as "Re-Kroots". "Snack... er, I mean squad forward for the um, um, good!"

Friday, October 2, 2009

The new learners

I wandered down the the local FLGS for the usual Wed. night lunacy. There are 2 FLGS's on my side of town now, and a lot of the kids and collegians are back at school. Wed. night attendance is getting scarce.

I do enjoy when new kids come in. There were a pair of brothers who came in dragging their mom with them. They wanted Carcasonne. IN A BAD WAY. and most of the expansions. I forget sometimes that there ARE kids that find good games and go for the gusto with them. they were all a-twitter with how cool, and fun Carcasonne is.
My wife and I own Carcasonne, and a variant of it, Ark of the Covenant, which we like a bit better (mostly for house rules, requiring you to make sound effects for when you do 'Biblical' stuff)
There were also a pair of Brothers who came in chomping at the bit to try Warhammer. They decided on the Science fiction type, and were going to get a Black Reach box, and some paint. It's kinda nice to see a 9yr old, and a 6yr old excited to get plastic dollies.
That kind of enthusiasm does me good.

There was a new guy who showed up, with his Space Marines. He was a vet player, but had been away for the last 2-3yrs. Poor guy lived in an area with the only games being on the Navy Base. Since He's not Military, it was kinda tough to get games.
It was kind of a re-learning for him to get 5th ed. Which is good. I need to teach more, it shores up my rules knowledge. I also siezed the initiative! OMFG! It finally happened! I play a lot of games, and I don't get to sieze the init!
it was Dawn of War deployment, so it meant he was up at midfield, too. It was a good game, but getting the init really can hamstring someone.

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