Friday, February 27, 2015

Leonard Nimoy, Rest In Peace

by CaulynDarr

He died today at the age of 83.  This one's a lot more upsetting for me than the average celebrity death.  This feels more like loosing someone you actually know.  Spock is such an important character in sci-fi fandom, and Nimoy always seemed to be a really cool guy.  He will be missed.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Kingsman Ascending

by CaulynDarr

I saw Kingsman this weekend and Jupiter Ascending the weekend before.  Both movies actually had a pretty similar core story(1%'ers suck). One was spectacular; the other passable. See my thoughts after the break.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Kickstarters, maybe not so great a thing for gamers

By CaulynDarr

Long story, start reading here,
Last summer when I saw that Battlefront was running a Dust Tactics Kickstarter, I went into immediate nerd rage mode.  I wrote a nice flame post on it, but deleted it before posing.  I was fairly sour mood when it came to Kickstarters at the time.  Robotech Tactics was quickly approaching a BS singularity, and I was getting a bit jaded about the whole concept.

But I figured it was Battlefront.  They'd have their backers backs; the Warstore pre-selling all the SKUs at a better price DURING THE KICKSTARTER thing notwithstanding.  All my bluster would look like another negative hit piece by an angry fan boy who just likes to piss in peoples' Cheerios(it is cathartic).  Well, I guess to paraphrase the great Captain Sparrow; there will be no living with me after this.  Thanks, Battlefront. 

So what did I almost say 8 months ago? 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What's Up At Battlefront?

by SandWyrm

Because they're a publicly traded company, we have the privilege of digging through Games Workshop's financial reports every six months. As such, we all have a reasonable idea of how well or badly GW is doing each year. But what about the other major miniature game manufacturers, like Battlefront, Wyrd, or FFG? Are they doing better than GW? About the same? Worse? Unless some scandal breaks and airs some dirty laundry, we generally have no idea.

Well, some laundry is now being aired in regards to Battlefront, Dust Studios, and their latest Kickstarter. We're mostly hearing from a very mad Dust Studios, who have not yet been fully paid from the nearly $470,000 that was raised for Operation Babylon. Battlefront isn't saying much, but their actions indicate that they may be experiencing some severe cash-flow problems, and have used that money to pay old debts instead paying for the completion of the Kickstarter.

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