Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Getting on Even Footing

 by: farmpunk

I got busy, and didn't write about something I'm beyond excited about! Some friends and I started a Game Company. Primarily Role Playing Games. We are planning a few card and board games as well.
We called ourselves, Even Footing Games.

I wrote about writing for LostLorn, and as I got farther into the project, it was becoming more and more evident that Edge-Lord style games just aren't my cup of tea, and there were going to be ethical questions concerning the representation of things, and groups, in a created setting that would be problematic. 
I left after a confrontation with the founder of LostLorn, and a very bad experience.

Several others walked away at the same time, when the Blood Stone Isle Kickstarter ended. A few weeks later, we formed a group to work on an idea that one of the writers on my team at LostLorn was working on in the background:
Babies and Broadswords.

It's been a great adventure to write and publish this! We did go live about a month ago on DriveThruRPG, and Amazon.
The book looks great, and we've been doing a lot of promotion, and podcasting!
so check us out!


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