Sunday, July 10, 2016

Preliminary WarStrike Test Units

Here's the Fallen/Republic units that I've worked up for testing. There's no points value for balancing yet, and you can pretty much just pick what you want (and even double up if you wish). For our demo game on Saturday each side took 5 units including their officers (those entries have rank insignias in the upper-right).

The Fallen selection is heavily biased towards running forward and getting into melee, while the Republic LaansGuard are more about combined arms and supporting each other with shooting.

CaulynDarr will be very happy to know that the Berzerkers not only got into melee, but smashed face against Farmpunk's boys in green and took their objective. Though Farmpunk actually could have won if he'd played it just a bit smarter. Not a bad outcome considering the lack of numeric balancing. :)


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