Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Gencon 2018 Photo Dump: Costumes

by SandWyrm

I said "Thank You!", he said "You're WELCOME!" to thunderous applause.
Here are all of the costumes that I got pictures of as I ran back and forth at Gencon. Enjoy!

"Can I take your picture?"

Kylo Doo?

Are they from Fallout?
At least he didn't bring the sea-cow. Don't remember seeing Pika-Boo in the movie.

If one Stormtrooper is good...
...then four is better? The kid doesn't seem so sure. ;)
Zelda? Pokemon? I have no clue, and that saddens me.
My favorites. Though there was an excellent Tony Stark walking around that I didn't get a pic of.
And here's the Gencon Costume winner! Her (there was a very tall woman inside)
suit does have LED lighting all over it, but they weren't turned on here. Saw her again
later in the costume parade, and the lighting was quite impressive.

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  1. The Samus suit was had a guy inside, not a women (I talked to him a lot backstage during the costume contest).


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