Monday, August 10, 2009

Army Builder 3.2

Lone Wolf has released AB 3, the good news is that if your copy of AB2 is current it is just a simple download.

While I haven't worked on the authoring side yet the basic interface is nice and much cleaned up. Almost every option is now in one widow so you don't have to flip back and forth through your units option windows. Never a big deal but it was nice to be able to see more at once.

The only issue that I have had so is the mobile viewer seems a bit cumbersome for Blackberries, in the end I just went back to saving lists as word docs and using the "docs to go" application.

I can't say that I have seen enough changes to warrant buying if you have let your AB2 lapse, but it if your license is current it is definitely worth the download.


  1. With the relative simplicity of the new Guard codex, I've pretty much switched to using Excel for my lists. But I think I've still got a month or two left on my AB license. If they've addressed the readability issues for printed lists, I might be convinced to return to it.

  2. I was waiting to download this. Not so much for the new IG codex, but for allies/induction. WH is an old codex format, with old upgrade format, which makes AB kind of convenient.

    The previews looked good to me. I'll give it a download.


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