Saturday, September 20, 2014

SinSynn... What Did You Do Now?

by SandWyrm

So I'm at the local library the other night (free kid activities), going through my favorite blogs on the laptop, when one of them gets blocked. Considering that YTTH (blocked at my church), BoLS, and even some of the crazy/graphic military blogs I follow came right up, the fact that this one got blocked was puzzling.

Must be all those Megan Fox pics combined with bad drug words. ;)


  1. I used House of Paincakes to cheat my way through High School.

  2. Megan Fox Tentacle indecency might have something to do with it. I'm betting there were other Red Flags that set of the conservative pepperpots at the Library....
    Ooh Margret. I don' know about this site. Sounds like some of that S&M stuff we banned Mr Richardson for.. Not that I really know what that is, but I bet it's naughty. oh let's have a looksee, and see what sorts of Moral turpitude these kids are up to these days. Oh look. That first chap's name is SinSynn. oooh. he's got Sin in his name! and Twice even. well, that's not enough to ban outright....
    ooh they let a WOMAN be a boss!?!?! Surely they're up to no good.
    This Von fellow seems nice... Oh my. he likes FANCY undead. That sounds downright unhealthy.. UnAmerican I tell you.
    BushCraft? What kind of Hobby is this? sounds dirty.

    1. I woulda finished, but the ranty found me, and wants to know why I'm not working

    2. Maybe they think Von is really like... INTO dead people, and not just a toy collector?

    3. Yep. It wuz Von.
      Hadta be Von.
      *shifty Xenos eyes*

    4. You win the prize for first person to call me out on my double entendre.

      Or, double ent-Antendre for all you The League fans out there.

  3. I don't know whether to be like, really really proud, or horribly ashamed.
    Clearly his plan is starting to come to fruition.
    I'm afeared...I'm verr, verr afeared...

    Or it mighta been the 'GW is man-handling my buttocks again' title of a recent post?
    I mean, c'mon- one of our banners sez 'It's safe to say fuck on the internet again.'
    But I get blamed fer this...

    Ok, MAYBE it wuz tentacle-related Megan Fox fantasies. MAYBE.
    But I still suspect DC.

    Suddenly I'm remembering a 'Xenos masturbation to Imperial Knight pictures' intro I wrote not too long ago...
    Starting to see why Lauby used to riff on me 'bout my intros....


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