Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Marines a-go-go

I got a game Vs. loyalist marines in, and even with the Sisters.
it's been over a week ago though, so my recollection of the exact details is a bit fuzzy.

Sandwyrm and I went to the South FLGS to get some games in last week, as the North FLGS isn't having games this week due to Isen going on Spring break (where are his priorities?!?!)

SandWyrm got a good game in against a balanced Ork list He reported on this a bit already. It was a fun watch, and the Orks were moded nice. I appreciated the Land raider modified to be a 'looted' Battlewagon, with a GIANT Deathroller in front of it.

I squared off against Buckler's Imp. Fists. I haven't played against loyalist marines much since their new 'dex. Mostly because there aren't too many Loyalist marine players up at the North FLGS.

He had something like:
Land Raider Crusader,
10-man tac squad w/plasmagun, plasma cannon, powerfist Sarge.
Assault cannon razorback
10-man tac squad w/missile launcher, plasmagun, powerweapon Sarge
Lascannon Razorback
10man Assault squad w/jumpacks, 2 flamers
5bikes w/meltagun, and Multi-melta Assault Bike

a nice list to play against with some big armor, and no Termies.

I ran my typical WH list, Which I will make a full post on sometime.
it looks something like:
Cannoness w/Blessed Weapon, Cloak of St. Aspria, Jumpack, Book of St. Lucius, Bolt Pistol
DH Inq. Lord w/psycannon, psychic hood, Plasma cannon Servitor, 2 Hbolter servitors, 2 sages, 2 mystics.
9 SoB Squad w/Hflamer, flamer 1VSS w/Bolter and Book of St. Lucius
Rhino w/extra armor
9 SoB Squad w/Hflamer, flamer 1VSS w/Bolter and Book of St. Lucius
Rhino w/extra armor
9 SoB Squad w/2meltaguns 1VSS w/Bolter and Book of St. Lucius
Rhino w/extra armor
5 Seraphim w/2inferno pistols 1VSS w/eviscerator, Bolt pistol, Book of St. Lucius
Callidus Assassin (Shelia)
2 Exorcists w/extra Armor

We had 4 Loot counters on the board, Dawn of War Deployment. I the roll, and chose to go second.

on my side I had a ruin in the left center, and a copse of trees in the right side, about 6" from the table edge. There were 3story ruins in on the left side about 6" in from edge in the middle of the board, and ruins about 12" in from that, just to the left of true center of the 6"x4" board. in the right middle of the board was a shale outcropping. There were some ruins on Buckler's side in the center, but we really didn't spend ANY time over on that side of the board.

being Dawn of War, Buckler deployed a tac squad and a razorback w/Assault cannon the Plas Cannon and plasmagun squad went into the left central ruins at the 24" division line, and the Powerfist Sarge half of the squad went into the Razorback just behind the tac squad in the ruins. The Chappy went in the back, crouching behind some rocks.
I used the "Word in Your Ear" to move the tac squad out of the building left, towards the tall building.

I deployed a SoB squad in a rhino behind the left side building on my side, and the Inquisitor retinue in the trees on the right side, ready to trade shots with the tac squad.

1st turn:
Rather than try to trade shots, Buckler decided the shooty combat squad needed to get to some cover, and took them towards the building.
The bikers turbo boosted up the board on the right side, right in front of the Inq. Lord. Assault Squad moved in 12" just to my right of center. The tac squad in the LRC moved on and picked up Chappy. The lascannon Razorback moved in behind the assault cannon razorback, and the Demolisher moved in the center.
nothing happened as a result of Buckler's limited shooting.

I spun the rhino on the left around it's building to the right, moving away from the razorbacks and tac squads, wanting to get towards positions to intercept the bikers/assault marines.
the exorcists came in behind the trees, and the other Hflamer/flamer SoB's came in on the extreme right edge, all behind trees for cover. The cannoness jumped onto the board between the Exorcists, ready to countercharge, since she couldn't this turn.
the Seras, and Melta Rhino had been held in reserve, allong with Shelia.
The Inq. Lord and Exorcists open up on the turbo-boosted bikers, and knock them down to 2, and an assault bike.

Turn 2
the Assault squad moves up further, as do the bikers. The Demolisher rolls up further, and tries to get a shot at the center rhino, to miss. the Assault cannon Razorback moves up, and takes off the center rhino's stormbolter, the lascannon razorback shuffles to destroy it. The girls inside are fine, and get out. The Plas cannon tac squad fires into the center SoB squad. They go to ground.
The Inq. Lord squad takes shots like pro's, and won't be eliglible for a LD check. *darn*
The bikers charge the Inq. Lord, and win the combat. I decide it might be a good idea for the Lord to Try and run. Maybe He'll get away. At the least, I'll be able to shoot the exorcists at the bikers, and charge with the cannoness. The Inq. Lord squad is too slow and sweeping advanced. the bikes only get to move 1" though. not a lot of help.
(in retrospect, I probably should have just charged with the cannoness, and shuffled the Exorcists for shots on other things.)

I jump the cannoness over the trees, and set up to charge bikers. The Hflamer/flamer squad on the far right rolls up to take aim at the Assault marines, and mow down all but 3, one exorcist immobilizes the demolisher, the other fires into the Assault marines. The central Hflamer/flamer squad went to ground, and are getting up.
Shelia shows up! and burns the tac squad, then snickety snacks them down to 3 guys, and takes a wound. they push on combat, and she stays put.
The Melta squad and Seras both stay at home, which is fine with me.

turn 3:
Buckler hops his Powerfist squad out of their Razorback, moving them back towards Shelia, to help out the poor plas tactical squad. The Assault Cannon Razorback moves forward around the center ruins. the Lascannon razorback tears up the rear armor of the far right rhino, destroying it.
the assault marines flame the SoB's on the right side, then charge. The LRC moves to the north of the big rock on the right side of the board. The center Flamer SoB's take shots like pros. Shelia jumps out of her combat, and kills off all but one bolter in the plas squad, but gets killed herself.

The Seraphim decide to show up, and run onto the rocks on the left corner of the board, ready to go in pursuit of the marines. The center flamer squad moves up into the center ruins, and the cannoness gets into position to help out the left side SoB squad with their assault marine problem. The exorcists trade fire with the Demolisher and lascannon razorback. The Cannoness assaults and cleans up the Assault marines. The SoB's move around the Cannoness in the consolidate, and the cannoness moves to the rear. This was to protect vs. the Tac squad and chappy charge from out of the LRC I was anticipating.

turn 4:
the Seraphim took shots like pros, and didn't drop a single one. the LRC rolled over the rock in the center, to disembark the tac squad for a charge into the right side sisters. The LRC pops an Exorcist with it's Multimelta and Assault cannon.
The Sisters take the charge, and don't run (thanks to the Book of St. Stubborn)
The left side powerfist squad started moving out of the building, trying to escape the oncoming Seraphim. The lascannon razorback shot at the center Sister squad, and the assault cannon razorback shot at the last Exorcist, to no avail.

The seraphim get to left of the left side building, and get a few shots at the powerfist marines, who fall back, out of charge range. the center flamer squad snuggles up to the objective just outside their ruin. The cannoness charges into the combat on the right, and knocks around a head or two. the last exorcist fires at the remnants of the tac squad over near the lascannon razorback, killing them. The Melta Sisters are still at home, watching reruns of 'Gilmore Girls' for all I know. I could really use their help.

Turn 5:
the assault cannon razorback hides behind the rocks. the lascannon razorback shuffles to get different Line of sight, waiting to pick up the powerfist squad. The LRC shoots into the remaining exorcist, destroying it. The Chappy and tac squad kill off the SoB's and the cannoness, but don't move much in consolidation. The lascannon razorback fires at Seraphim, to drop one.
The Melta Girls show up in their Rhino!!!! One Melta misses, but the other hits, gets double sixes on the penetrate, and then gets a 6 on the damage table! to flatten the LRC. One of the Melta girls dies in the explosion. (not a bad trade, in my opinion) The Seraphim make their charge on the lascannon razorback, and lone bolter toting marine (from the plasma tac squad) killing both.

Turn 6:
We did turn 6, mostly for our own curiosity sake. should the tac squad charge the Melta girls, or try to get to an objective about 10 inches away, only to get shot up by the Melta girls, who could also contest that objective? will the Seraphim take out the assault cannon razorback after it tank shocks into the held objective?

it turns out, Buckler charges the Melta girls, who get killed, but the Marines can't make it onto the objective. The Seraphim fall short of destroying the razorback, which moved 6+" (or maybe they got it, I don't remember.)

It was a great game, Buckler and I both had a good time, and deliberated both of our choices in the last few rounds. I think that's the sign of a good game, when both people are comfortable discussing each other's tactical choices. Buckler and I both were making the same calls on each other's tactical moves. He uses the fall back option with his marines a bit more than I would, but it's worked for him. I play up the stubborn aspects that the Book of St. Lucius gives me.

I hope to make it back down for more great games like Sandwyrm and I had last weekend!

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