Tuesday, January 20, 2009

AGG Tourney 1/17/09

So even though it was boot-crack cold outside, I ventured back to C-U to play in the Tourney.

There were 6 of us total. SandWyrm came over to play too.
in addition to SandWyrm, and myself, Iron, JibJeb, JumpShootJump, and Zerkerboy showed.

First Round:
I was up against Zerkerboy, and his Khorne-inspired list. 2 'zerkers in rhinos, Jump Lord, and one squad on foot, with a squad of Devs, and a Defiler. The Devs went in a building in his deployment, with the Defiler to my right of the building, and a squad standing in ruins to the right, next to the objective. there was a rhino to the right of the ruins, with a lord behind it, and a rhino behind the building.
I had the Inq. Lord on top a building on the left center of my deployment zone. with the objective on the bottom floor. Exorcists behind the building. Seraphim and cannoness ready to jump to the front. Rhinos to the right to go forward and engage the enemy, then whichever squad got chewed up would fall back to my objective.
I felt good about facing an assult army with my amount of long range threat. The Inq. Lord squad did a good job tearing up the Devs, and got them to run. I had angled one exorcist around to get shots from my right side of the board, since the Lord was jumping close behind a rhino. The defiler never really did a lot, as I kept hitting it with some anti-tank. It was immobilized on turn 2 I think. I ended up contesting his objective, and managed a slight victory. I managed to get a SoB squad over to kill off one of his squads sitting on his objective.

2nd Round: was JibJeb and the only named character of the tourney. Pedro found his way to the battle. there were 2 tac squads with lascannon, broken into combat squads. I think there were meltas in the other comabt squads. 2 rhinos, 10sternguard borken into combat squads. 1 squad with a missile launcher, the other squad with Pedro there was also a techmarine with a thunderfire in the building with a lascannon and missile launcher.
I honestly don't remember what the mission was. It had something to do with Troops being scoring, which I knew would be bad for me having 2 troops vs. his 6 troops. He also had the las cannons to mess up my exorcists.
to summarize... when you go for an agressive gambit to kill 2 combat squads and Pedro in rhinos in the center of the board, it helps to be able to crack open the rhinos. I think Pedro's rhino withstood 7-8 penetrates to it, and because of smoke, nothing happened to it. so Pedro's Sternguard and the other assult-y tac squad got out and beat the crap out of my girls, who were close to the rhinos now. I got massacarred.

3rd Round: after feeling badly beaten up, I played Iron. Iron plays Iron hands lists, I expected a lot of armor. There was an Ironclad Dread, an Assult Cannon Dread, a Las cannon/ ML dread, a Vindicator, and an autocannon pred. Then 2 5-man tac squads, and a Techmarine w/conversion beamer. and a Land Raider. gah. armor. lotsa armor.
it was a good game. the goal was to keep troops alive and scoring at the end of the game. I for the most part hid the girls behind a building, and used the Seras, cannoness, and Exorcists to beat up on stuff. I got a massacare. Iron had too few troops. I just had to kill his small squads, and keep mine. admittedly the troops in the Land Raider were tough to get to. He got the satisfaction of shooting the cannoness in the face with an autocannon, and taking her head off in a failed 2+ save.

4th Round: I played JumpShootJump, and his Tau. He was running 1hammerhead with railgun, 2hammerheads w/Ion cannon. 1 Devilfish, 1 Crisis suit leader, 4 squads of firewarriors, and a squad of pathfinders. we had 'L' shaped deployment zones. I had first turn. The Inq. Lord got the pathfinders to below 50%, and they ran away. the Seraphim were able to get a 1st turn charge because of the deployment zones, and made a firewarrior squad run, then got shot up by the other firewarriors. Cannoness ended up missing a charge by an inch, and getting eaten alive by rapid fire plasma rifles.
In the end, I had 2 troops sitting on uncontested objectives, he had 2 hammerheads, a devilfish, and a crisis suit left.

So, JibJeb got first, I got 2nd, and Zerkerboy / SandWyrm tied for 3rd. It was a good day. All had fun, I believe. We need to find the army that can survive Iron's horrible rolling.


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