Monday, May 18, 2009

"Orders? We don't need no stinkin orders!"

The wife had to go to a funeral all day Wednesday, which meant that I had to watch the kids on my usual game night. So with her blessing I headed down to the south store yesterday to look for a game.

Like the north store, they've been seeing a lot of new players come back now that Donkey's been banned. It's really amazing how much of an effect one bad player can have on an entire community of gamers. The damage they cause doesn't seem like much until they're gone and you can see the recovery take place.

Anyhow, after all the flurry of experimentation with the new Codex that I've been doing over the last month, I'm finally starting to settle into a comfortable IG5 list that works for me.

145 Company Command Squad w/Plasma, Lascannon, Astropath, Fleet Officer

135 Veteran Squad w/3 x Plasma, Lascannon
135 Veteran Squad w/3 x Plasma, Lascannon
155 Veteran Squad w/3 x Melta, Chimera (Hull Heavy Flamer)
155 Veteran Squad w/3 x Melta, Chimera (Hull Heavy Flamer)

Fast Attack
150 3 Scout Sentinels w/Lascannons
115 10 Rough Riders w/2 x Flamer

Heavy Support
180 Leman Russ Demolisher w/Lascannon
165 Leman Russ Battle Tank w/Lascannon
165 Leman Russ Battle Tank w/Lascannon

Total: 1500 (12KP)

Tonight I played a long-time Eldar player that was trying his 3rd or 4th go at playing Marines. So he borrowed a solidly built 1500 pt. (9 KP) army from the shop manager and we went at it. I'll call him Redeye.


We rolled an Annihilation Mission (Yes, AGAIN!) with a spearhead deployment. I won the roll for first turn and chose the corner of the board that gave me cover with good firing lanes for my Vet Squads towards either direction he might choose to come. I had a good position in cover for the Sentinels on my left flank, so I put them on the board instead of outflanking or in reserve. I forgot to make their scout move to get in a slightly better position before the game started. Although in the end it didn't hurt me at all.

I put the Demolisher and Russ #1 forward to protect the line and give them open land to move around in. With Russ #2 on my right flank. Both Chimeras and the Rough Riders were put in reserve. Since spearhead missions let you come in from reserves anywhere on your board edge, I could threaten him pretty much anywhere on that side with my more mobile units.

After finding out what my fleet officer did, Redeye decided not to put anything in reserve, which I think hurt him. But he did do a wise thing and plan an advance that kept him as far away from my board edge and that scary unit of Rough Riders as possible. I tend to forget sometimes about how intimidating they can be. Especially when you take a big unit of them. The only downside was that he would have to shove everthing he had through one gap to get at my line.

Turn 1

I moved the Sentinels a bit further forward into cover and moved each of the Russes 6" to get better shots. Then I opened up on him. My shooting was... less than stellar. My lascannons bounced off the Leman Russ Crusader and the Vindicator beside it. As did the shots from the Demolisher and both Russes. This was not looking good. The only thing my shooting managed to do was immobilize the Rhino on his left flank.

He then moved everything up and shot up Russ #1 with the LRC and the Vindicator. Leaving it a smoking wreck. Yeah, this wasn't looking good for the guard.

Turn 1 Score: 1-0 Marines

Turn 2

I rolled a 3 for the reserve roll on the Rough Riders. Which is not what I wanted. I wish the wording on the Astropath's telepathic relay ability was better. After a quick check we decided that I HAD to use the +1 on all rolls. Although with reflection, I think that you have a choice. Since the TR wording says "any reserve rolls". While the Fleet Officer's "Intercept Reserves" rule is very clear in saying that your opponent MUST subtract 1 from all his reserve rolls.

Anyhow, the Rough Riders came on along with Chimera #1. So I moved the Chimera up 12" towards the Razorback (with smoke) and the immobilized Rhino and put the Riders in a huddle behind them for cover. The Rhino's tactical squad was huddling behind both tanks. So I figured they were a good target for the Riders.

On the left I managed a direct hit on the assault marines with the Demolisher. He thought that the corner of the area terrain would provide them cover from the blast, but I showed him the actual rules where the squad would have to either be 50% obscurred or be between 2 terrain features to get a save. He was neither, so 6 assault marines died instantly. Don't people read the rules?

I didn't manage to do anything else though. That Land Raider was tough!

For Redeye's part, he turbo-boosted his bikes around the trees to his right and brought them around to threaten the Sentinels with melta love. His assault marines charged the Demolisher, knocking off it's battle cannon and leaving it stunned. Russ #2 was stunned with a shot from the Razorback, while the LRC shot up the Sentinels with it's assault cannon and bolter sponsons, wrecking one and blowing up another. Not good!

Turn 2 Score: 1-0 Marines

Turn 3

Chimera #2 came on and made a beeline for the assault marines. While Chimera #1 continued to head towards the Rhino-Razorback huddle on the right. C1 killed 2 marines via multilaser and immobilized the Razorback with melta fire from the Vets inside.

The Rough Riders did a quick survey of things and decided they could catch the assault marines if they ran 5 or 6 inches. But they tripped over a rock and ran only 2" instead. Well, at least they failed big enough to deny a charge from the assault marines.

The Vets in cover next to the lone surviving sentinel shot up the bikers, killing 1.

And then, my lone Scout Sentinel proved why Sentinel Squadrons are still worth their points over a Vendetta. He charged into the bike squad and WON THE COMBAT! Woohoo! The bikers ran towards his table edge with the Sentinel close behind.

This left Redeye with a big decision to make.

If he ignored the Sentinel, it would chase his bikers (and their meltas) off the table. But killing it would require ignoring my gunline and pouring fire from his LRC into the walker instead. Redeye split the difference. He unloaded the Chaplain and his tactical squad from the LRC and used them to go after the Sentinel. The LRC would then fire on my gunline.

I told Redeye he was spending 300+ points to save 100, but he ignored me. :)

So the Chaplain's squad charged the Sentinel after failing to hit it with a melta pistol. Now this squad had krak grenades and a power fist. But he rolled horribly and only knocked the lascannon off the Sentinel. In return, the Sentinel killed a marine and DREW THE COMBAT!

Wow! All of this of couse is blocking the pass the LRC and Vindicator need to get though to reach my line.

The LRC, meanwhile, opens up with it's assault cannon and bolter sponsons. But he doesn't target my command squad which is sitting out in the open. Because he wants to rapid fire and the command squad is 13" away. No, he shoots at the nearest vet squad which is in cover. So I go to ground for a 3+ save and only lose a single guardsman!

He has better luck with the Vindicator. Which, since it's path to my line is blocked, turns and advances on the Rough Riders, killing 5 with it's cannon. His assault marines ignore Chimera #1 and jump on Russ #2, immobilizing it.

Turn 3 Score: 1-0 Marines

Turn 4

Now things got good. Chimera #2 sped at full speed towards the Vindicator and did a 180-degree power turn, unloading my Melta Vets 5" away from it. They had no problem blowing it to smitherines. With a 4" blast. Woohoo!

The Rough Riders veered back towards the Rhino-Razor huddle.

I finally managed to stun the LRC, but between his extra armor and the Power of the Machine Spirit, he could still move and fire one weapon. Grrr!

Vet Squad #2 moved up to rapid fire range and ventilated all of the remaining Assault Marines with plasma and lasgun fire. Chimera #1 advanced on the RR huddle and knocked out the lascannon on the Razorback with melta fire.

The assault phase came and the Sentinel drew the combat AGAIN!!! Can you say "Tarpit"?

Redeye was quite annoyed by now. His bikes auto-rallied and prompty turbo-boosted around to threaten my now-dismounted vets and Chimera #2. The LRC used it's Machine Spirit to immobilize the Chimera with it's multi-melta. C2 was now stuck with it's rear facing the enemy.

On the right, Redeye had another decision, his tactical marines in the Rhino-Razor huddle were being threatened by both my dismounted Vets and the Rough Riders. As well as Chimera #1. Who would he strike?

Answer: The Rough Riders. The Tac Marines moved out from behind the huddle and wiped out the Horsies with bolter fire. This made sense as they were not only the easier kill point, but statistically the greater threat. However, it did leave them out in the open.

On my left, his Chaplain still can't kill my Sentinel.

Turn 4 Score: 2-2

Turn 5

Vet Squad #1, which had gone to ground, failed the order to get back in the fight. They stayed huddled in cover.

The Command Squad moved up to both improve their field of fire and to prevent Redeye's Chaplain from multi-charging me. Since the Chaplain's unit was still dancing with the Sentinel, the Command Squad took a few shots at the bikers, killing one.

After firing at the bikers though, my commander realized that he hadn't given any orders to Vet Squad #2! But they didn't need no stinkin' orders. They shot their lascannon at the LRC, hit with a 6, penetrated with a 6, and then wrecked it. Nice!

On my right, the Vets and Chimera #1 shot up the Tactical Squad, killing 3.

On his turn, Redeye shot a melta and a multi-melta from the bikers into the back of the immobilized Chimera, but they only knocked off it's multilaser.

Another assault round with the Sentinel, and the Chaplain finally manages to kill it. Of course, he and his squad are now standing in the open in front of my line.

Redeye charged my dismounted Vets with the Tactical Squad and LOST THE COMBAT! They didn't run or anything, but oh man.

Turn 5 Score: 3-3

Turn 6

I move all of my Vets into optimum position and open up on the Chaplain and his Tactical Squad. A direct hit with the battle cannon from Russ #2 followed by plasma and lasgun fire leaves a heap of bodies smouldering in the middle of the field. On the other side of the table, Chimera #2 fires it's Vet meltas into the immobilized Rhino at point blank range for an easy kill point.

During the assault phase, my Vets are wiped out by the tactical squad. He consolidates into the nearby building ruins.

During Redeye's turn he again fires the biker squad's melta into the back of the immobilized Chimera. And again he fails to destroy it. Just a stun and a weapon destroyed (Hvy Flamer).

Turn 6 Score: 6-4 Guard

Turn 7

Chimera #1 tries to chase down the last 3 marines in the Tactical Squad, but immobilizes itself on the base of the building they're running through. The marines die anyway to combined fire from the Chimera and a battlecannon round from Russ #2.

On Redeye's last turn he runs his biker meltas right up on the immobilized chimera and finally manages to wreck it with a weapon destroyed result that cascades up into a wrecked result. He then surrenders with only 2 KP left on the board. I still had 7.

Final Score: 7-5 Guard.


Wow. That was a good win. Especially after my first 2 turns of shooting were so poor. My strengths in this battle were in forcing my opponent to make a couple of really hard choices. First with the rampaging Sentinel and then with the Tactical Squad on my right. In the first case, I think he should have just ignored the Sentinel and gone straight for my lines with the LRC and the Chaplain Squad. In the second, I think he should have hunkered down and denied me combat instead of running out to kill a single squad. At that point in the game he was still slightly ahead and didn't need to kill me as badly as I needed to kill him. :)


  1. What a brilliant battle report!

    And I've always said chimeras are hardly little things.

    Well done you!

  2. Yeah, I'm really starting to believe that the lowly Chimera with Melta Vets inside has become one of the best offensive units in the game.

    That lone Sentinel was just amazing too. Unfortunately, like most guard heroes, he died in the line of duty. :)

  3. Sounds like a good time. Had the South Store seen much IG yet? I figure most of them are probably still Marine and Ork.

  4. There were quite a few players there with a good mix of armies. I counted 3 Marines, 1 Chaos, 1 Mech Tau, 1 Horde 'Nid, and 4 guard players (2 playing) besides myself. Steve was playing his Necrons.

    Redeye was borrowing Steve's marines to play me. Normally he plays Eldar, but there was some sort of mixup and he couldn't find his own army until we had already set up.

    One of the guard players at the next table was a guy who just sold his Chaos army on eBay so he could start Vostroyan guard. He was borrowing troops from someone else to learn the codex. The excitement over the new codex there was pretty high. Although they were adamant that gunline guard had not been nerfed. To which I just smiled. :)

  5. we'll see how the new IG gunline fares. I'm thinking of doing a no tank gunline before I try some Melta-dusa love.

    The other idea I'm thinking of for now might be 1 artillery squadron backed by 2 Russ.

    ahh I think I might have played Redeye before. Did he place in the last tourney?
    I think the Vostroyan guy also plays Dark Eldar, with a Batman look to it.

  6. Take a look at this battle report:

    The Tau force is essentially a gun line that uses fast skimmers to block enemy advances. I'm thinking that the IG analogue would be something like 2 Medusas or Bassies with a line of infantry that uses cheap 100-point Valks and maybe a hellhound or two as fast blockers.

    Redeye didn't mention placing in any tourneys. But I did ask when the next GP-South Tourney was, and was told it was happening in mid-June.

    Mr. Vostroyan said that he was army-less right now because his Chaos Army sold faster than he thought it would. He put it up on eBay with a I-don't-really-want-to-sell-this price to please his wife, but someone bought it within a couple of hours. :(

    I've played him before at least once. And I remember his Chaos army being quite nice. But now he's down to a single box of Cadians and a couple of eBay-ed Vossies while he figures out what kind of IG army to build.


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