Monday, November 30, 2009

Bleep... Bleep... Dakka, Dakka... ARRRRGH!!!

by SandWyrm

Turnout was good a the South Store yesterday. But nobody was playing 40K! When I got there at 6:30, I saw 3 large games of Mordheim (one with really awesome custom terrain someone had brought in) and a Warmachine game. The regular 40K players had finished playing some MTG and were just hanging out. I'm not sure what's up, but this is the second time in a month that other games have predominated. (more...)

K-Mech was there with his Space Hulk set waiting on someone who didn't show, so after discussing the upcoming 40K tourney season with Buckler I offered to play with him. We spent about an hour setting up and getting re-aquainted with the rules. I hadn't played Space Hulk in 16 years and most of that was done on the computer, so it took a while to get used to things again.

We set up the default beginner mission and went at it. I took Nids and he took Marines. The Marines had to cleanse a room on the far side of the map with their flamer to win. The nids had to kill that flamer to win.

I swarmed him from the get-go and killed his last Termie in the first room.

Then we swapped.

Trying to remember my strategies from a decade and a half ago, I planned out what junctions and approaches I would be covering and put my guys down in that order. My plans worked well until my Sergeant's bolter jammed while I was clearing a corner. He went down and so did the guy behind him. I managed to at least get my flamer into the corridor in front of the room he had to cleanse, but he was surrounded on 3 sides and only had the action points to deal with 2 targets. K-Mech then swarmed me and took the flamer down, winning the mission. I still had a guy up in the main corridor providing cover fire, so we kept playing until I got him safely out of the hulk.

So the Genestealers took both games. I'd forgotten how hard it is for the Marine player.

It was pretty fun though, and I thought about maybe picking up the game. But I just don't think I'd play it enough over the course of a year to justify the purchase. Assuming I could even find a copy at this point.

But it sure did take me back. :)


  1. If you do change your mind and want a copy the local game store has a few left. Better yet they are still at 100, no crappy inflation here.

    Just let me know and I will pick up a copy for you.

  2. So my last comment was swallowed by the tubes...
    The local game store has a copy or two left, and they are not upping the price.

    If you change your mind let me know and I will pick up a copy for you.

  3. I might put the wife on it. I had asked for a large GW figure case this XMas, but...

  4. I figured you guys might be interested in this free Beta test for a strikingly similar to Space Hulk computer game.

    the game's Alien Assault. I think they had to stop downloads for a while, and change everything to not be called anything similar to what GW does. but it reminds me a LOT of SH.

  5. Turns out there's still plenty of copies at the north store. I told the Mrs. SandWyrm she could get it instead of the case if she was interested in playing it.


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