Friday, November 6, 2009

IG list submission for Critique

by farmpunk

so here we go. a List submitted to us for critique.

1. Company Command Squad

x3 Plasmaguns, Astropath, Officer of the Fleet, Chimera w/ Multi-laser, Heavy Bolter
This unit weighs in at 210pts so it is kinda of expensive, but I feel that it will earns its points back in more ways than just killing the enemy. It has a good bit of anti-"elite" infantry as well as light vehicle potential (It doesn't do it as well as somethings but the fact that it can do it is very important.). The chimera provides a good firebase with 6 shots to torrent the enemy with fire or possibly do some minor damage to a light vehicle (once again it isn't the greatest for the task but the fact that it can possibly do something is always good). It also provides the option of mobility if need be. In addition, the unit provides anti-alpha strike defense in the Astropath as well as reserve denial in the Officer of the Fleet. I feel that is where this unit with earn its points back, in the "unseen" control (more so than w/o the Astropath and Officer) of the game that it give me and the frustration it can put on my opponent.

1. Infantry Platoon

Platoon Command Squad
x4 Flamers, Chimera w/ Multi-laser, Heavy Flamer
2 Infantry Squad w/ no additional equipment

These units are there mainly for scoring purposes. I could field another vet squad for their cost of 205pts but I feel that the addition scoring potential is more important than additional melta-vet squad. The Platoon Command Squad just provides anti-horde with their 4 flamers (took flamers over the other special weapon squad main because IMO BS3 is meh to be spending on special weapons). Their chimera is also out fitted for that as well as being constantly mobile. The multi-laser provides the same task as the one in the Company command squad but with less shot but more mobility. The infantry squads simply go in a vendetta or Valkyrie to make it scoring. It is nice to have a skimmer that can move flat out to capture/contest an objective last turn.

2. Vet Squad
x3 Meltaguns, Chimera w/ Multi-Laser

3. Vet Squad
x3 Meltaguns, Chimera w/ Multi-Laser

For 155pts these unit are very cost effective IMO. The task of these 2 units is simple. They provide the anti-heavy armor in the army. They just go around in their chimeras and shoot up tanks. Their chimera acts the same as the one in the Platoon Command Squad

4. Vet Squad
x3 Meltaguns, Demolitions, Chimera w/ Mulit-Laser, Heavy Flamer
At 185pts this unit weighs in at 30pts more than the typical melta-vet squad. Although, I feel that those 30pts spent give this unit a tactical flexibility that is very important to the army. That tactical option comes with the demolition "perk" (doctrine but hey I'm a COD guy so yeah). It give a nice demo charge but that is not the real value of the upgrade. The meltabombs that you receive for the upgrade are much more worth-wild then the one time demo-charge. So what do I do with the meltabombs? OK here it is, if I know that my opponent is going to be a mech heavy army like mine then I can throw the Demo-Vets in the Valkyrie before the game and use the Valkyries scout move to get into position for a turn one charge on a tank or line of tanks and more than likely blow the hell out of them. The chimera give me the option to make them act as a normal melta-vet squad and not be forced to do that alpha strike move if it is not needed.

1. Psyker Battle Squad

x8 Psykers total, Chimera w/ Multi-Laser, Heavy Flamer
This unit is in the army main for the weaken resolve power. It just screws nob units and nob biker units (3 deaths and then a LD check at -8 LD yeah...) as well as other non-fearless unit that I want to leave the field early. In addition a pie plate template with S8 AP d6 is not too bad either. Their chimera does what the Company Command Squad's does since they will be deploy to target the unit that I want to weaken resolve or template and then can move if need be. The unit costs 155pts which IMO is a fair price to pay for such a good set of abilities/powers.

2. Inquisitor
Emperors Tarot, Psychic Hood, x2 Mystics, x2 Hierophants

This 83pt unit is a steal for what it does in the game. It helps secure me first turn with the tarot, give me a very good psychic defense in the psychic hood, and deep strike (in addition to deployment) defense in the mystics. They do inside a vendetta or Chimera for extra protection.

Fast Attack
1. Valkyrie with Multiple Rocket Pods

This 130pt model just flies around shooting and laying pie plates on infantry squad. It also can deliver the Demo-Vet alpha strike if need be. In addition, it can contest/capture (if it has vets or an Infantry squad in it) late game.

2. Vendetta

3. Vendetta

These 2 130pt birds provide a triple lascannon firing platform to shoot tanks from a distance. Pretty simple. Note they will also be scoring if an infantry squad is in them.

Heavy Support
1. Manticore

D3 S10 AP4 pie plates for 4 turns for 160pts. Whats not to like? Drop them on infantry and tanks to annoy the enemy; can't get much simpler than that.

2. Hydra Battery (x2 Hydras)

3. Hydra Battery (x2 Hydras)

These 2 units weigh in at 150pts a piece. They either go for light-medium tanks or torrent the enemy with fire. Once again, pretty simple.

I'm trying to shave a few points to fit in a Inquisitor lord rather than a normal Inq so that it will be a LD10 psychic hood rather than LD9.
So what do you think?

Thanks to Holt for this submission. I'll try to go easy. You gave your explanations for your selections, which is good. You've thought through WHY you want what you've got.

Command Squad:
I recommend dropping the Officer of the Fleet. He sounds good, and can be frustrating, if your opponent is going to try to use reserves. I've found more often than not, if I know there's a Fleet officer, I just don't go reserve. I usually don't go reserve anyhow. I think you'll find that with a plasma command squad, perhaps a better output might be a medic so the unit gets armor saves vs 'gets hot' AND Feel no Pain saves.
I think I'd personally just spend the 30pts elsewhere.

It's also worth considering doing Melta rather than plasma. You won't pop yourself, and you can take down tanks easily.
It kind of comes down to how you want to use this unit. since it's not scoring, and I don't think you're going to be using it for orders a lot, it might as well be a sort of suicide squad, and charge allong with the vets.

The Chimera should probably have Multilaser/Hflamer on it, and keep it moving. use terrain and firing lanes to your advantage. The Hbolter might get 1 turn of shooting, before it's got assaulters close in a lot of games.

Infantry Platoon:
The command squad part looks fine, But get those infantry squads some gear! with only lasguns, they just don't do much. at the least give them both grenade launchers. I'm a fan of the 20-man squad with Commissar, outfitted with 2 autocannons and 2 grenade launchers. They can hold down the home base nicely, but I think you're going for an all mounted list. Having GL's will allow them to do something when their ride gets busted.

are just fine as is. Chimelta squads are cheap, and effective.

Demo Vets:
They're not bad either, I'm not sure how much you need the Demolitions, however. You can still alpha-strike with meltas pretty effectively from a Valk.

Psyker Battle Squad:
looks fine to me, they have some jobs to do. the 36" range is sickening. they can get pretty mean in a Valk.

It looks like you're taking him as an elite. I highly recommend using him as an HQ inquisitor. He's more expensive, but he's got LD10, and 3+ armor, those alone are worth the price. It lets you drop the Heiro's. He does need 3 people with him, so get 3 Mystics. they're dirt cheap. He also gets Iron Will. it's real nice.
plus Inq. Lord, 3mystics, and Hood are still 83pts, if you can find 15pts for a tarot, go for it.

Valkerie, Vendettas:
Killy. maybe switch one Vend to a Valk, but it's sort of a matter of preference/playstyle.

He's good, I personally like the Medusa with closed compartment. Minimum ranges bother me. Having one Manticore is probably good though. Perhaps put a flamer on the front.

Hydra, Hydra, Hydra, Hydra:
These guys look good. I'd maybe swap out one pair of them for a Medusa with closed crew compartment. 'cuz I like the guns, the guns that go BOOM! It will also let you terrorize termies and Nobs. It's not too shabby at cracking tanks either.
I think a squadron of 2 Hydra is enough.

so, if you drop the Fleet officer, that nets you 30 points, dropping the plasma for meltas nets you 15more. If you want to keep plas, swap the Fleet Off. for a Medic, and you're a wash.

I'm not sure the Tarot is really necessary.

Getting GL's for the infantry costs 10pt

Swapping 2Hydra for a Medusa is a net wash.

If you Drop Demolitions, or even swap Demolitions for a Hflamer, you can pick up the GL's for infantry.

Any one else have observations?


  1. I think i would agree with most of the tips you gave him. if he took the list you gave him then it would be effective but would need quite a bit of practice to use propperly!

  2. Whoops! I was supposed to add my comments to Farmpunk's post, but then I went up to Fort Wayne to photograph a friend's wedding. When I came back, here it was! :)


    Farmpunk's right, the fleet officer is a mixed bag. Nobody I play in pick-up games ever uses reserves, and only 1/3 of tourney players I face do either (Even at 'Ard Boyz). That shouldn't be the case, but things are what they are. So while he's great every once in a while, the 30 pts. is probably better spent elsewhere.

    As far as the plasma goes, I understand the desire for an AP2 deep-strike suppression unit, but that shouldn't be your CCS. It should be a scoring unit instead. So put meltas in your CCS and the Plasma Guns in a Vet Squad. That way you're not keeping 2 units back from the Chimera charge in order to both protect and claim your objective. Make sure you put a Heavy Flamer on the Plasma Vet Chimera too. It'll kill more Termies than a Heavy Bolter will.


    You're spending 205 pts. on a PCS and 2 Troop units, but for just 170 pts. you could put 2 Vet Squads with 3 flamers each in your Vendettas. They'd be 230 pts. (bye, bye Fleet Officer) if you then gave those squads demolitions, which would allow you to drop a mess of hurt on your opponent's objectives in the late game. That combo would be more effective, I think, than your Chimera-based flamer-PCS, which doesn't have the raw mobility that the Valks/Vends do.

    This, BTW, is what I intend to do with my new Vendetta. I'm modeling up a unit of shotgun Tallarns with 3 flamers and a demo charge to go inside.

    The 3 Chimelta Vet squads are fine choices. Though if you follow my advice above, you won't need the Demolitions doctrine. If you really want it though, put it on the Plasma Vets as an extra (if pricey) surprise for any deep strikers.


    I have no opinion on the Psyker Battle Squad, as I've never used one. But I hear they're useful.

    The Inquisitor, on the other hand, is even more iffy than the Fleet Officer. In the year since I've come back to 40K, I've only faced meaningful psychic powers when facing Eldar (Fortune), and that's easily overcome via Torrent-Of-Fire. Space Wolves may change this up a bit, but I haven't seen any played around here yet, and I think it's one of those armies that won't see it's best builds fielded for at least 6 months due to the money and labor involved.

    Likewise, I've only ever faced deep striking Termies and Dreads in Drop Pods. Which are easily dropped in one turn using the weapons I already have (Demolisher + Plasma Guns). So I don't see a need for help from the =][=.

    If you have the points left after all this, you could do a lot worse than adding Marbo in.

    Fast Attack:

    Cool. Man I wish we could trade Elite slots for Fast Attack slots. :)

    Heavy Support:

    Darkwynn showed what a Manticore can do at 'Ard Boyz, so I'm all for having one. The Hydra batteries define Torrent-Of-Fire, so no problems there.

    Overall, I think you have a pretty solid list, and I like how you know what everything is there for. Good Luck!

  3. I think practice is important with a lot of newer 5th ed builds.
    I probably come up with lists that need some practice, but I got used to playing Sisters. Back in 4th ed, they definately TOOK practice to get right. SoB's aren't the most forgiving force.
    The new Mech IG builds fall into a similar category. I think they're MORE fragile, and the Valk lets them be MORE maneuverable.


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